Top 5: Most Popular League of Legends Champions Today

Piling on over 120 champions gives League players a massive variety in selection, yet some champions happen to see the light a bit more than others. These are your top five most played champions in League of Legends.

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assassin_z1415d ago

lol, just saying, yasuo seems to be in almost every game I play. He also probably has a higher win rate than most of those champions.

JoeIsMad1415d ago

Nah, Yasuo sucks. He's only good with a big group of pop-up champs. Honestly, I'm sick of seeing Fizz. That guy's poison is bull crap.

Jacktrauma1415d ago

A solid list To be sure. I wonder how the last will look after the next patch. I love how the meta changes pretty frequently. Keeps it from being insanely boring

Magnus7011415d ago

Lies, its all about who has the biggest tits

JoeIsMad1415d ago

Nah. Vayne doesn't have big tits.

Then again, some people don't like big 'uns, I guess.