Dying Light- EveryBody Dance Now Trophy Achievement Guide

It is very simple if you follow the instructions. All you need to do is simultaneously shock 5 enemies with electricity. This can easily be done with electric traps. You can find one very early in the game, on a street north of the safe zone where the game starts (Slums). Throw some firecrackers to lure the infected to the trap. When 5 or more zombies are in the trap you must activate the power switch to kill them.

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rivencleft1147d ago

Damn I'm gonna have to try this, I was having fun with the spikes last night, kept luring zombie after zombie towards the spikes and jump kicking them into it. Realized before it was too late that I was standing in an electricity trap, turned the generator on but didn't realize it was a trap and that I was standing in water. Stood there going WTH is taking down my health so fast, then a zombie tried to grab me, got electrocuted, and that's when it hit me.