EA’s Free-to-Start plans – The future of console gaming

MWEB GameZone writes: During an earnings call earlier today, the CEO of EA Andrew Wilson has declared that 'free-to-start' games are the future of the industry. Here are the details."

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Sillicur1243d ago

Very interresting feature, hoping this works out well. I can see his point on the free-to-start model though!

radler1243d ago

The way he described it made it sound like traditional demos...

freshslicepizza1243d ago

free to start meaning you get battlefield free then pay for bullets.

rainslacker1242d ago

Sounds more like what Sony did with their 1 hour game trials for PS+.

I don't know how well it worked out in terms of turn-around, but I can see it being more successful since you don't need to download the whole game anymore to try out a game.

I think EA's version sounds more like a demo though, as it's one level to try out the game. That begs the question, is it the first level of a game(which typically aren't terribly interesting), or a special demo with a selected level to continue on.

It's not a bad feature IMO, but hope it isn't the only way to buy games. I generally know what games I want to buy, but this would be nice to try out things I'm not sure about.

3-4-51243d ago

This sounds like ios games.....

HoldenZA1243d ago

I actually agree with EA on this one. The free to start has seen success with several titles. People want to try a game before investing in a title.

Sillicur1243d ago

Yeh, I think EA is actually starting to really do a good job and taking what gamers want into account...

lord zaid1243d ago

This idea, it's not terrible. But if anyone can screw it up, its EA.

Sillicur1243d ago

I think they might actually pull it off, they probably want to avoid being nominated for the worst company in the US again :)

DesVader1243d ago

Its a good initiative, but lets wait and see...Just I hope we don't get buried in microtransactions....

HanCilliers1243d ago

Brace yourselves, microtransactions incoming

Agent_00_Revan1243d ago

Guess what's coming to Star Wars Battlefront.........

Zaphire1243d ago

I wonder if their servers can handle having so many people playing

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The story is too old to be commented.