X360 preview: Tomb Raider Underworld

The Tomb Raider series has been trying to shake off a coma induced by all those juicy PS2 owners for some time now. Let X360 tell you, washed out textures are not by dripping water wiped out. Such dark days will be gone, say Eidos, when Underworld brings its more understated brand of adventure to town.

Naturally, our heroine spends the opening moments of her newest adventure getting her butler to serve refreshing Sangria aboard her own private yacht. It's a quick-time event (joke). True to form, this just isn't as satisfying as rotating vast granite blocks for such an adventurous soul, so a quick dive to the ocean's depths is in order. Impressively, the murky waters open up into a wilderness of seaweed and buried treasure, heavily guarded by a trio of sharks being paid double time to guard a mysterious entrance. They must have a good union, or something. Regardless, Lara's new harpoon gun can quickly address whatever complaints they might have about her presence.

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CAPT IRISH3691d ago

They still make Tomb Raider games?