Wii U Sales Reach 9.2 Million, 3DS 50.41 Million as Nintendo Posts Financial Results

Nintendo just posted its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014, also updating Wii U and 3DS sales to the end of the year.

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GokuSolosAll1414d ago

Less than 10 mil in over 2 years, huh? Kinda sad but it's not the worst. They can recover.

3DS is doing fine. A successor should rear its head at E3 and release 2016.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

No, a successor to the 3DS, now that there's a new more powerful model of it, isn't due for at least another 4 or 5 years.

bouzebbal1414d ago

...which should have been called Super 3DS instead of this aweful name they gave it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

@ Abz
I agree that it should have had a better name, but there's not much that can be done about it now, so it's something we'll just have to live with.

Concertoine1414d ago

No, a 3ds successor isn't around the corner but the new 3ds won't be around for 4-5 years. I can't see the 3ds lasting from 2011-2019

Apex131414d ago

I believe they will reveal the new handheld at e3. The people that keep saying no are seriously out of touch because even if it's a new model it's still based on the old system.

If that was the case Sony would have waited another year before releasing the PS4 considering how many remodels they introduced.

Either way it's not long to wait.

Metallox1414d ago

So you're basically telling me that they had to change forecasts for 3DS from 12 million to 9. And they still need 1.9.

Kinda worrying, isn't it? 3DS sales barely doubled those ones of Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

I wouldn't call it worrying; sales have probably slowed down for the 3DS in preparation for the release of the New3DS.
We'll see this coming 13th, I guess.

N4g_null1414d ago

Seriously I wouldn't worry. They are taking notes. So far if you own one you can see how much they did get right. Pr wise they are just the unpopular kid these days.

If they figured out local cloud tech and or put bc in the next console with possible tweaking then the cool stuff from the wiiu just becomes an added bonus to what ever they decided to put in the next box. We have at least 4 more years of support from nintendo. We may see something new in about 3 more years. They really should ride this console out so that the market stabilizes. It seems like the ressesion is finally hitting gaming and Nintendo needs to hit back with some type of optional service based platform. Ps plus isn't enough, unified account isn't enough.

Ms is about to roll out win 10. That is going to be a real problem if the negative pr can not tame that beast or if it just doesn't work with hololens.

They took nintendo main gripe of vr and turned it on its ear.

Now nintendo needs to build up their api and os ecosystem to unify development down to the creation level. I mean you don't need a vc if the romantic already works! We still have carts nintendo! Most of these can be worked into usb port extensions. With that being said nintendo should let us build our next console or at least custom order it and pay for it as a service then nintendo can see what the market wants. Then release normal consoles for the non hardcore hardware demanding gamers.

Basically if Nintendo can stop the defecting to "adult" ,"hardcore" etc -gaming then they can grow the consumer base.

They should find away to embrace unix also just like apple and then bring is a pc client for real 3rd party support. Use mantle from amd and android if they have to. Something tells me even though sony has alot of fanfare they can still loose this fight then it will be nintendo picking up that sword.

The only people beating ms are apple and Google.... sure nintendo has its merits yet console gaming could explode and over take phones if the tech rolling down the road maps pan out... new pay models need to be created though.

So I'm pretty excited. This is their game cube and the next should be a combination of the snes,n64,3ds and wii. They have created some killer software and haven't used any tech pr so far. I'm glad because if hololens works it's over for sony unless they change morpheus to match it, otherwise it's over for them and vr. Fans will have to basically hide this thing from the public if it works.

9 million isn't terribly good but that is one satisfied group of gamers. If they can keep support going and lunch next gen with two years worth of games and try and develop counter titles to others ip I think they will have a true hardcore fanfare. The hd move was nicely done now we just need the now you are playing with power nintendo back.

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welly3001414d ago

Id say in my home the wii u is the most used console (wii u 360 ps3ps4ove the second screen works without any problems, unlike the ps4 if Nintendo do another home console hope they keep the pad.

Locknuts1414d ago

Same here. I play it a bit more than my PC and a lot more than my Xbox One.

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