Techland (again) announces new Dying Light Release Dates

he "Dying Light delay issue" has undergone another new release date change. Only a few hours ago Techland announced via their Facebook page that there's a change in the digital release date. It looks like there is no changes on the physical release dates.

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plut0nash999d ago

Dying Light release dates, the gift Techland keeps giving :)

Meltic999d ago

Its not their fault. Its the guys that ships or making the disks... techland make the game and they are guys shipping and making the disks...

Sillicur999d ago

Hmmm confusing to say the least, wonder why the release date is changing again....

lord zaid999d ago

Something really smells over there. I don't anticipate Techland will be using Warner as the distribution partner going foward

HanCilliers999d ago

I agree, we're all upset with Techland, but they're the devs, Warner Bros is the distributor

Sillicur999d ago

Hahaha yeh, techland such a tease !

Lord_P999d ago

Not Techland. They have nothing to do with it. They are devs. WB is a publisher.

HanCilliers999d ago

Ye, article clearly states that people should be upset with Warner Bros, even though the announcement comes from Techland

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The story is too old to be commented.