Kojima autographs for 2015 Taipei Game Show

Everyone are you ready for MGSV release day? Kojima is going to Taipei Game Show in 4 days Jan 31st. Also, he has prepared autographs for 2015 Taipei Game Show!

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TheStrokes1418d ago

Epic describes this franchise perfectly. I've never looked forward to a game so much since MGS4 or Fallout 3. Sorry social life...

xabmol1418d ago

Don't apologize. You social life would play MGS5 too, if it had thumbs.

Captain_Wormy1418d ago

Hype levels are through the bloody roof!

Batzi1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Let's hope he really announces a release date this time. Last time we got a chicken cap. I love it but the hype was over the roof back then and it didn't pay off.

burza19821418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Yeah. Kojima said. Will give us a approximate period not exact date. So, we can expect something like - COMING SPRING, OR COMING SUMMER. The Best case - Coming "month"
For me 24th April, that is the date - but we will see.
So, I would like to see at least on the end of the trailer - Coming April.