Should film censor have more control over computer games?

The British Board of Film Classification's spat with the European games publishing community continues, with the BBFCs David Cooke questioning the transparency and structure of PEGI.

"The trouble is that it is not clear who PEGI is," said Cooke, speaking to the Times.

"Administration is handled by the Dutch film regulator, who subcontracts to a couple of blokes [the Video Standards Council] in Borehamwood."

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player9113664d ago

They already have TOO much control already. Games are suppose to be fun. Games are also played by all ages. Consoles need variety. Already games are rated by their maturity levels... what more do you need?

Lumbo3664d ago

actually a single European rating system would be good. As it would speed up European releases as the games do not need to be classified separate for every freaking country.