Bandai Namco announces three new games

MWEB GameZone writes: "Bandai Namco, publisher of the acclaimed Tekken franchise, has announced three new games coming in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The three games that make up a two new franchises are not what you would expect. Here are the details."

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HanCilliers1416d ago

These are not the games we've been looking for :P

Sillicur1416d ago

I love me some games of that nature, but the franchise does look like a lot of "work" :)

user55757081416d ago

who in their creative staff thought this was a good idea? it's different i'll give them that but i doubt it will bring in a lot of $$$$

ABizzel11415d ago

No, bad Namco. Now go back into your room and try it again.

Blank1416d ago

I know my face is full of disappoint all im asking for is God Eater 2, sure I can import but a proper u.s. release would be nice!

Sillicur1416d ago

That would have been awesome, but ah well, I think there are some happy gamers out there about this announcement still :)

HanCilliers1416d ago

my face is full of disappoint

Magicite1416d ago

I just want new Tales game for PS4.

orakle441415d ago

Seems a little too early for the April fools day joke?

3-4-51415d ago

I think somebody at Namco thinks they have a firm grasp on what gamers want........but they don't.

ThunderPulse1415d ago

Give me JRPG's Namco! Not F**king FARMING SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!

XanderZane1415d ago

They could have made this PC only. I would have been ok with that. These aren't the games anyone is looking for.

psychobabble1415d ago

Speak for yourself. I'm ready to haul some wood! /s

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Relientk771416d ago

Ok yeah, these games do not have me excited

Sillicur1416d ago

Hey some of us absolutely love games like this, even the weird ones like that bird dating simulator :)

HanCilliers1416d ago

Same here, yet in SA we get asked to increase servers to play these on..

plut0nash1416d ago

Must be a market for these if that happens. How many players on there though?

TheFutureIsBlue1415d ago

I expected bad...but, this?! Simulators...woohoo! -.-

nigelp5201416d ago

Lame. I expected Tekken Revolution on ps4. A new Time Crisis or Klonoa game

Sillicur1416d ago

I would love a new Time Crisis game myself, though i can see how i will spend countless hours on these games in the very near future! All of them release in 2015!

Knushwood Butt1415d ago

Did you see that Time Crisis 5 is coming out in arcades?

HanCilliers1416d ago

TIME CRISES, now you're talking

psychobabble1415d ago

I still remember the first time I got Klonoa. It was glorious.

GokuSolosAll1416d ago

Lumberjack may be interesting if it gets on PS. Otherwise a vast disappointment.

Travis37081416d ago

:( was hoping for some japanese games.

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The story is too old to be commented.