Rare Interview

A year after release and retail shelves are thick with Xbox 360 titles. But if there's a gap in the product line-up, it's for titles aimed at a younger audience. Sure, there are plenty of games making use of popular licenses - but barely any targeting the kids market with original IP.

Developed by Twycross-based studio Rare, Viva Piñata is Microsoft's first big push to entice younger gamers to Xbox 360. With a development period that has included collaboration with 4Kids Entertainment on a spin-off TV show, neither developer nor publisher has any qualms about making a game for children. And why should they? It's a market clearly under-exploited on Microsoft's next-gen system. visited Rare and talked with lead designer Gregg Mayles and production director Simon Farmer to discuss why Microsoft needs to open up to a younger audience, the lessons learned from working with another creative medium, and extending the life of a product through downloadable content.

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MicroGamer4398d ago

has always been a Nintendo area. The other consoles have steered clear of that to appeal to more mature gamers. I really don't see parents thinking 360 or PS3 as a system for small children, so if some kid oriented game did come out for either, it would probably lose money for whoever introduced it. Most parents I know say they would own a 360 or a PS3 for themselves and a Wii for the kids, so kiddie games for 360 and PS3 aren't really needed.

Islandkiwi4398d ago

I'm an adult, and I find it to be fun. Truthfully, I think it might be a little complicated for kids. But I do agree that there needs to be games for kids on the 360.

QuietMan694398d ago

Anyone has an idea of how well this game is selling?

borgome4398d ago

Pumped for Banjo Kazooie....pumped.