Wii U Owners Have Scared Off Third Parties With Excuses

Gamewots: "Since buying my Wii U, I’ve been seeing talk of its lack of third party support. Look through any gaming forum and you’ll probably find several topics accusing third parties of orchestrating the situation the Wii U is currently in. Contrary to popular belief, I have come to believe that Wii U owners are actually the reason why the console lacks third party support."

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SimonSmith1415d ago

Firstly this is a really well written article, and I actually agree with your points, it is true that the players are at fault with many of them expecting far higher quality and extra things for a game that is possibly not worth it to developers.Though personally I would love for DLC to be released for the Call of Duty games on my Wii U I accept they aren't and for good reason. Positively I feel I do fall out of your points, I do not expect good quality I just want them to at least tie in with the Playstation 3, if I wanted things to be better quality I would buy things for the Playstation 4. Hopefully consumers of the Wii U will start to see logic soon, once again great article, very logical.

LOL_WUT1415d ago

Yes, it has been proven that multiplatform games don't sell well on the Wii U but does that make it right for Nintendo to STOP trying all together? What happened to the promise they made to try and recapture the hardcore? Bayonetta 2 and devils third? Thats not enough considering all the other games currently out that aren't on the WiiU.

Making a movement for just one game (OperationPlatinum) why not for every 3rd party title? Overall I blame both the company and its user base.

Also I find it pretty hypocritical when some Wii U owners take a jab at 3rd party games calling them rushed or incomplete but, are fine when Nintendo sells unfinished hardware by not having an ethernet port in the WiiU or by not including a charger for the "NEW" 3DS. ;)

Metallox1415d ago

You blame the user base? I should remind you that people buy whatever they want, they have NOTHING to do with Wii U's situation.

Nintendo (mainly Nintendo) and the publishers are the ones to blame here.

bouzebbal1414d ago

what are you talking about? just check Nintendo consoles history and you'll realize that it have never been about those 3rd party games. If you buy Nintendo console it's primarily for 1st party games.

"Also I find it pretty hypocritical when some Wii U owners take a jab at 3rd party games calling them rushed or incomplete but, are fine when Nintendo sells unfinished hardware by not having an ethernet port in the WiiU or by not including a charger for the "NEW" 3DS. ;)"

Wow! how about 360 with no Wifi? keep quiet next time when you only have foolishness to say.

Chrischi19881414d ago

Yeah, damn that user base for expecting a full game, when charged full price, damn them.

AJBACK2FRAG1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Third partys can't compete with Nintendo triple A software. Period the end. It's been that wway for a long long time now. If EA or Activision tries to release lazy or unfinished software on a Nintendo home video game console people will not buy it. Plus third parties have pulled support fo the Wii U. How is that Nintendo's fault? I've said this before look at the Xbox One and PS4. They look alike. They both have very similar controler's. The processing power is not exactly the same but very close. Why? Because it makes it easier for third partys to develop for and third partys can depend on the fact that in four or five years the PS5 and the Xbox 2 (?) Will be more powerful but not really a whole lot different. Plus Sony and Microsoft are willing to pay for third party exclusives. Now when you look at the Wii U you'!! see a radically different controller, a radically different architecture and the console itself look's extremely different. Why? Nintendo rely's mostly on their own video game software to propel their business. They don't pay for exclusive's they develop their own exclusive's. Now why doesn't EA develop software for Nintendo? Why did EA lie and say the Wii U can't handle the frostbite engine? It's because they are lazy. They'd rather support two home video game consoles that are roughly the same. Why go to all the trouble of developing software for one system when you can develop for two easier?

Now I believe you and other folks here on the N4G have called the Wii U's game pad a gimmik and have said the Wii remote is a waggly gimmick. Here's yet another question where's Move? Where's Kinect? Exactly in the dumpster.( One last question I swear lol! If Microsft's failed drm policies don't scare you (they do me.) what did they have on the back burner that they didn't share with the public? Human enslavement? A Xbox One microchip hot wired directly in to your brain?) Yet the Wii remote and Wii U gamepad are still in use today by millions of people! Even the Game Cube controller has had a resurgance due to Super Smash Bros.

Oh yeah!!! Nintendo's really into wifi!!! I bougt a twelve dollar lan adapter so I'm all set!!! Take it easy guy!!!!

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ChickeyCantor1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

" of them expecting far higher quality and extra things for a game that is possibly not worth it to developers "

Asking for a complete game is " expecting far higher quality and extra things "?

" not worth it to developers"

So Wii U owners can't be upset because the developers don't care?

Are you mental?

Developers have been probing these ideas that Wii U owners dont want games and then insist on releasing broken and incomplete games. Yeah obviously people rather get it on the PS3/Xbox then ( talking early WiiU ).

It's ridiculous.

joab7771414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I agree and disagree. It's a mess. Many hard core gamers that own a WiiU, own it for Nintendo exclusives. Especially this gen, they are not gonna wait for games to be released at a later date, with sub par graphics and no dlc. Even on last gen, those that owned multiple consoles were not gonna wait just to support WiiU 3rd party titles.

Now, those that own only a WiiU and cried for 3rd party games and then didn't buy them, they are definitely to blame.

But Nintendo is mostly to blame. Either it's one thing or its another. And they chose to basically be a console for their own titles. They had a 1 yr jump when ppl were clamoring for new systems. They could have made a mchine akin to the PS4 a yr ahead and got the kind of jump the 360 got on the PS3. Imagine how that would have benefited them in the race.

Now that we are next gen. There aren't many reasons for anyone to buy a WiiU for 3rd party titles. That being said, it's nice to have for exclusives if you can afford it. I prefer investing in their 3ds for my mobile gaming.

FarEastOrient1414d ago

I agree about WiiU users not supporting games that do find their way to the console. Look at the sales of ZombieU and Bayonetta. If they can't make good attach rates, especially when one was bankrolled by Nintendo. Why would 3rd party put themselves out there for WiiU?

GordonKnight1414d ago

I agree with your logic. Video games is not a race. 20 years from now more Nintendo games will be remembered then 3rd party games. I'm not saying there are no amazing 3rd party games, but there are tons of shovelware 3rd party games. (like the Wii library)

N4g_null1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

The only thing you can blame on wiiu owners for bad 3rd party sales is the simple fact the most of us will buy your copy and paste games on another system or pc.

Ethier 3rd parties will have to create a new reason to buy or simply not try. They have chosen the latter

No one buys a apple product to get an ms experience. No one expects to rebuy stuff just because of a different platform. 3rd parties knew this during the nes days and even snes to ps2.

What we have now is a convergence of the pc model.

Nintendo countered this problem in the past by releasing competitive copies of popular game types which is why they are good at game design. They currently counter by releasing disruptive games and ideas gamers are resisting. Nintendo is forgetting we are all not hardcore and wow factors are needed. This has to be done in hardware or software. The wii was basically what devs asked for the ngc...except it would have costed $400 back then lol. Yet the wow came from the wii mote. I'm guessing nintendo thought the wow was going to be hd. The game pad is great but not wow yet. Maybe a rear facing camera and a new 3ds internals would help? If you know tech you know what I'm hinting at.

3rd parties are focused on 3d fidelity now. It may bankrupt the industry but it is actually selling mediocre games really well.

This gen is not about gameplay. You came blame everyone involved in buying all consoles for that because the majority has spoken they want pretty not pretty fun. They will even prebuy just because it looks good.

The effects of phone buying pr is finally having an impact on gamers. Even the old wii looks better than the wiiu casing. A redesign is in order. Cross buy and make one game a releasing on home and handheld needs to happen.

Nintendo should stay the course and extend the wiiu out and work out all of these solutions before a new console is released. The next console gen will need some serious power yet budget gamers still need a platform and this family of consoles needs to happen to unify their fanbase.

Sony just got a bunch of new customers they don't understand due to ms and Nintendo bad pr. Hololens is not a sony product and Nintendo game play is not a sony product. If these two things gain traction then 3rd parties will leave since they have already made their money off sonys gamble.

This gen is about shock and awe right now. You can blame that on all of gaming right now.

Yet blame gets you no where. Nintendo has to cater to the new gamers some how or view what is holding back traditional gamers right now.

Redesign and new ip could fix so much. All of these consoles are weak sauce compared to what is possible right now but that is another topic.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Sorry, but if you're not expecting third parties to at least make their multiplats on par in content quantity with all their other versions when they release one on the Wii U, then you're being an apologist who is letting way too much slide with third parties just due to their popularity and ease-of-sale on other systems.

Third parties shouldn't be given a free pass for not bringing out games that are on par with the rest of the versions, and the fan base should not be blamed for losing all faith in third parties and refusing to buy their multiplats based on that.

For the sake of not further alienating a potential source of profits, content parity should be an industry STANDARD practice across all versions of a multiplat, except in the case where said content is using assets that either belong to another individual company and thus cannot appear on a certain version due to copywrite, or the case where the content is bought and paid for by a specific console manufacturer.

There is not a "good reason" for the content in games like CoD to not be on par with all other versions.
When they cut content, that's the same as a "f*** you" to the fanbase they're trying to sell.
It's an indication that they're not putting forth any actual effort to appeal to the audience.
It's lazy.
It's wrong.
And it's retarded to support such a practice regardless of excuses.

FarEastOrient1414d ago

How can companies make WiiU games on parity with others. There are so many problems with the hardware to match the others. For example look at the hard drive space available for WiiU retail.

ChickeyCantor1414d ago

" How can companies make WiiU games on parity with others. "

Are you implying the PS3/Xbox360 didn't get the full treatment?

gedden71414d ago

"Firstly this is a really well written article"

Umm Firstly NO! Its up to the 3rd party companies to make and sell compelling titles for the system. All those complaints written in the article are actually valid complaints.

All this article has done was show that Wii U owners "arent" a bunch of drones who buy half baked games at full price...

StarLord_Who1414d ago

No, the article is wrong and the writer is blind to the real point of the Wii U's struggle.

I went in to my local gGame shop yesterday, do you know how many Wii u games they had?


In the entire shop, they had 6 games while both the left and right walls were plastered in the usual roya blue and green colours of Ps4 and Xbox One.

The shops are going to the consoles that are successful after a short amount of time.

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Metallox1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I think I have better "excuses".

Let's suppose there are 8.3-8.5 million Wii U units in homes all around the world.

1. There are 2 million Wii U consoles in Japan: How many units did Black Ops II sell on PS3 in Japan? About 600K apparently. You might say that's a lot, and it is, but trying to replicate those numbers on Nintendo's machine it's simply impossible. Try to tell me a non-Nintendo game that has surpassed the 100K barrier in Japan; I'm pretty sure you will come here again with two or three, and all of them will be very Japanese titles. Western titles don't sell on Nintendo's consoles there. So 2 million consoles less. Third party publishers have to be lucky if they want to sell 6.5 million units of their games on Wii U

2. Not all consoles are active today: Do you think everybody are still playing their Wii U? Nope. I'm not sure why neither Smash or Kart 8 have bigger numbers. I mean, they should have if there are many people still playing the thing. 250-500K consoles less?

3. Not all parents are interested on Assassin's Creed or ZombiU for their kids: Think about it, do you really think all Wii U owners are "strong Nintendo fans"? I don't think so; indeed, there are many parents that only want to buy these consoles just to keep entertained their children. They know Nintendo produces the machine, so what games do they buy? Nintendo titles starring their popular characters.

The number of Wii Us under these conditions I think is very high. 3 million, what do you think? I mean, apparently Hyrule Warriors IS THE ONLY third party game that has surpassed the million mark, and it has Zelda themes everywhere.

4. What do I win if I buy Black Flag on Wii U? Lower frame rates?: Where's also the incentive for buying this game on Wii U? I see better stuff for it on Xbox Live... Where is Nintendo's strong online infrastructure? I don't see it. So again, why should I buy this game on Wii U? What do Ubisoft and Nintendo offer to me? Nothing in my opinion, but funny enough, I still bought the game on Wii U and I regret it completely. Thank you Mario and Rayman. 2 million consoles less?

5. Do not generalize, Wii U owners also play on other platforms, belive it or not: I play on PC and Xbox 360, I bought many third party games for Wii U but I stopped with Black Flag because, number 1, there wasn't anything in 2014 aside from Watch Dogs, and number 2, I just did not like Ghosts and Black Flag, those games made me stop from trying to purchase any other third party game for Nintendo's thing. Then one year later you could see me buying AC Rogue for Xbox 360. 1 million less?

6. Yes, there are people that simply don't want to buy third games on Wii U because of your reasons, author, why not? 1 million less?

So, in the end, with all things considered, what is the possible number of sales for any third party game on Wii U? 500K? 300K? 200K? Publishers are right about abandoning the console, but they still did their madness with ugly ports, and that's not acceptable either.

But I blame Nintendo completely.

MasterCornholio1414d ago

"But I blame Nintendo completely"

Hopefully Nintendo will see that they need 3rd party support and do a much better job with 3rd parties on their next system. At least make the system powerful enough to handle ports of next gen console games.

joab7771414d ago

And that's it. They wasted the opportunity they had. Many can say, no they didnt, they make their own great games. Why not steal from Sony's playbook, create a cheap powerful machine, and couple it with great exclusives. Poof...Nintendo back!!!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

No amount of power is going to make up for the fact that they've lost consumer trust with their ports this gen.

If Nintendo comes out with a powerhouse system next gen, and third parties don't do something to make their games more attractive, people STILL won't buy the Nintendo system for multiplats.
They'll stick to getting multiplats for the other two systems that they're USED TO buying multiplats on, and Nintendo will once again be on their own.

Nintendo cannot fix this situation on their own.
That's the cold, hard truth.

MasterCornholio1414d ago


"Nintendo cannot fix this situation on their own.
That's the cold, hard truth."

But if you dont give 3rd parties the right tools how are they going to make good ports for the system?

3rd parties can't do anything unless Nintendo makes the changes first. Nintendo are the ones who design the system and its policies. They just have to design something that's attractive to both consumers and 3rd party developers. Similar to what Sony has done with the PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Have you not seen how good some of the in-house games look and play on the Wii U?
For Christ's sake, Xenoblade X is going to be 10X LARGER THAN SKYRIM.
If a system that can create land-masses of that size on both the vertical and horizontal scale, populate them with tons and tons of things to do, find, and fight, then connect it to a large overarching story with multiple factions, is not enough for these third parties to make a good game on, then there's something seriously wrong with the developers.
They're either focusing on ultra-high-fidelity graphics way too much, or they're just not trying.
The power excuses need to die.
The system is powerful enough to generate fantastic-looking games with loads of content.
These third parties are more than capable of creating fantastic games.

Stuff like Skyrim, The Last of Us, and so many others, PROVE that these third parties can make good games regardless of the visual fidelity they aim for.

It's time they started DOING SO, if they want sales on the Wii U.

The tools are there, and they're good enough.

Especially for developers that still insist on making games that are limited enough to fit on last-gen systems alongside the new-gen systems.

To make this simple:

If Monolith can make a AAA game as good as Xenoblade Chronicles X is looking to become, then third parties are out of excuses for not at least attempting to do the same, if they are at all serious about winning over a whole new fanbase's worth of gamers.

They're doing just that for every other console except for the Wii U.
If they try making new AAA content for Wii U that is as good as what Monolith is attempting[or heck, even on par with stuff like Bayonetta 2 and other great titles], then they'll have a MUCH better chance at seeing big profits, and big appreciation, from gamers on the system.

N4g_null1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Monkey it may be time for nintendo to create these games. Think of the uncharted and the last of us...I didn't like them but it made people believe in the power of ps. It had more to do with art direction than power but gamers can't grasp that for some reason. Nintendo needs to find the talent that wants to compete with these games and then teach them about polish and gameplay.

Some times you just have to shut your critics down by just competing with their favorite game types.

I think nintendo is heading in this direction. Slaptoon looks great but they will need a realistic show pony that out does other fps or sandbox games some how.

3rd parties only respond to threats other games out doing them.

Maybe a pretty metroid can do this or maybe starfox can? Even the announcement of a new engine can help. They need another golden eye effect.

Also the article is only enabling entitlment. The same entitlment that produced all of those bad games that where so hyped that sold well that no one liked in the end.

Nintendo just needs a full frontal assault in classic nintendo form. In the end the cryis effect starts to appear then gamers regret being graphics wwhores. The is if these figure out what gameplay is AGAIN!

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madjedi1414d ago

You can make excuses till the cows come home, that will chamge absolutely nothing about Nintendo's virtually dead third party support for this or future generations.

God I love when Nintendo fans bemoan ugly/lazy ports, look back to many launch cross gen 360 games or even early ps3 games.

Those weren't exactly god tier quality games either dark kingdom, gun ect either an nba or a madden was missing features that the previous generation version had.

Not exactly sure why Nintendo fans should be exempt from said bad ports.

3rd parties didn't design their games to utilize the ps3 to it's fullest potential at the expense of other platforms.

So why should Nintendo deserve to get any special treatment that neither sony or ms got last gen.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

Oh, I dunno.
Maybe it's because they've been stiffed for 3 generations, and when things finally start looking up, they don't even get a continuous stream of good games to outweigh the bad ones from said third parties, like the PS3 and 360 did last gen?

Or how about the fact that three years of broken trust and virtual non-existence from third party multiplats cannot be resolved with half-done ports that people have already played on last-gen systems?

Don't even bother pretending that Sony and Microsoft had it as bad last gen, with bad ports, as Nintendo has this gen.
Even when third parties failed to do good ports last gen, at least they stuck with it until some good games were made to counter-balance the bad.
Wii U hasn't gotten that benefit.
All it's gotten, is excuses from devs and apologists defending said devs.

N4g_null1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

They should not get special treatment. Nether does 3rd parties. You ethier make a product the beats your last product or release at the same time or cater to that market . otherwise you don't deserve the sales. Anything else would be entitlment and greed along with lazy arrogance.

on the other hand Nintendo has to make the games to compete with these new ideas. People wasted tons of money on games that where broken all nintendo had to do is make better competing games. Movie gaming isn't going anywhere and hd art is getting cheaper to make. Console gaming has become pc like. If sega was there to push nintendo they could see what was happening I believe. The next jump will be dizzying tech wise and Nintendo should hedge their bets. Embrace the high end and cater to the low end by scaling and platform building in the os.

There is way to much scapegoating and not much critical thinking. Yet it isn't up to the consumer to fix corporation problems.

gerbwmu1414d ago

So you're saying XB360 and PS3 owners purchased a bunch of crappy games last gen and because they were willing to buy crap they eventually got something good from 3rd parties? And it is owners of Nintendo products who are to blame because if they just bought a bunch of crap then 3rd parties would reward them with some good games eventually?

randomass1711414d ago

"So why should Nintendo deserve to get any special treatment that neither sony or ms got last gen."

Probably because no one is shortsighted enough to blame Microsoft or Sony when a third party developer makes a bad game or a bad port for a good game. :/

Metallox1413d ago

"You can make excuses till the cows come home, that will chamge absolutely nothing about Nintendo's virtually dead third party support for this or future generations."

I don't point excuses, I'm commenting why third party games don't sell on Nintendo's console.

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GordonKnight1414d ago

3rd party companies gave up on Nintendo before the Wii U was released. It's all about the politics in the gaming industry. That's what I like about Nintendo they are not giving in to the 3rd party companies to rape the consumers. MS & Sony have no problems with that at all. Just look at the difference between 3rd party DLC and Nintendo DLC. The only problem I have with Nintendo is the availability of the LE releases & Amiibos.

I do support MS, Sony & Nintendo. Now EA & Ubi is a different story.

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Jdoki1414d ago

This comes down to one thing... Profit.

If the 3rd party publishers have crunched the numbers and they don't see a game making X% of profit - they won't bother making it or porting it.

Did Wonderful 101 make money? Did Rayman? Did Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs?
If they didn't make the money (or make enough profit) then there's little reason to continued developing games for the WiiU.

No one is at fault - it's just business.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1414d ago

Wonderful 101 is a Nintendo game

Jdoki1414d ago

It's published by Nintendo, but I thought it was developed by Platinum, so it's not a 1st party title?

I have no idea if Nintendo paid for the development, or if it was also part a bigger deal that included Bayonetta 2, or if they just liked the look of it and no one else wanted it!

madjedi1414d ago

Why should large third party devs bring games to the wii u, if the user base doesn't buy them.

Third parties are there to make money, not to prop up an unappealing console and bleed themselves dry in the process.

MSBAUSTX1414d ago

Almost 10 million people would disagree with your opinion of it being "unappealing". If third party developers start making games on par with Nintendo Exclusives they would sell. Hyrule Warriors is almost at a million and Zombi U is really close to a million, with a much smaller install base too. Zombi U is proof that developers can make good games.

However Ubisoft crapped out on Nintendo and said Wii U gamers were to blame for it. When instead it was the fact that AC 3 and 4 were so crappy and Wonderful 101 was better as was DK Tropical Freeze and Mario 3D world. Nintendo gamers expect a certain level of quality and completeness from their game purchases and most third party developers want to rush the game and then have 10 gig downloads launch day to make them better.

Nintendo doesnt believe in that and thus the issue stays the same. Nintendo games are polished works of art when finally released. Mario Kart 8 was worked on for over 3 years! Ubisoft releases a new AC every year. Would you buy the car that has been through all the road tests, crash tests, and safety protocols and took several years to perfect or would you rather buy the car that was thrown together quickly and stuck on a show room floor without proper testing?

Nintendo does need to make their systems a little more compatible with the technology of the rest of the big 3. But that will not fix this issue. Thurd party games pale in comparison to Nintendo Exclusives. Lately that can not be said on PS4 and XB exclusives. Driveclub, Killzone, Bound by Flame, the MCC issues, and Ryse have all been major complaints from gamers who played them. I own all 3 consoles and have played some of these games and the lack of attention is terrible. Even Dragon Age Inquisition Is glitchy and loves to pop error messages all the time on my PS4.

All Nintendo Exclusives so far on Wii U have been Stellar with out any credible launch issues what so ever. That is the reason Wii U owners dont buy them and the reason that Third Parties stay away. Criminals dont hang out in police stations and when it comes to quality games that arent broken Nintendo is the law.

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