Splatoon’s Apex presence hints at Smash Bros DLC

Splatoon is shaping up to be an excellent Wii U game, and one that Nintendo should really start promoting more. It seems that Nintendo agrees, because it has announced that it will be making Splatoon playable at Apex. Because of this, rumours have kicked off that the Splatoon Inklings will be coming to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as downloadable content.

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ZainreFang1178d ago

Don't do it. My head would explode from the awesomeness.

Xorglord1177d ago

Right? Imagine using specials to spray the stage with ink, and then doing some sort of squid transformation to do crazy fast movement around (and possibly even healing).

I'm imagining some sort of crazy ink counters, as well as a bunch of really cool weapon-based specials and arials. It'd be an exciting addition.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago

Didn't Sakurai say something about not wanting to do anymore paid DLC after Mewtwo?
I think he did.
So if this happens at all, it'll be as free characters.
But given all the time he's spent on it, and the fact that they've still gotta get the stage sharing feature and the Miiverse stage up and running before they're done, I somehow harbor doubts that he'll be doing any other characters any time soon...

randomass1711178d ago

From what I remember Sakurai says a lot and then does something else lol. I hope he does more DLC.

Xorglord1177d ago

Yeah, this is a valid point, but what Sakurai says and what he does often change a lot. However, I don't think they'll put in the effort to make the characters and then make them free.

If anything, I think the fact that they're still working on the game is a good sign. If there was no new content coming then the game might be completed and done. At least we know they're still doing things with it!