Super Mario 3D World Is A Prequel to Super Mario Bros 2?

Inspiration is a common place in the main Super Mario series. Ever since the first game in the Super Mario series, Mario has taken much inspiration from his past games with each new instalment. One of these games being Super Mario Bros 2 in Super Mario 3D World. Some may say it is a simple nod to Mario's past, some may say it is simply a great way to expand upon the gameplay. Yet there is another idea no one has given much thought. What if Super Mario 3D World is a prequel to Super Mario Bros 2?

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rawrock1416d ago

Well if you think about it Super Mario 3 would fit in between 3D World and Super Mario 2...while Super Mario World SNES fits perfectly between Galxy 1 and New Super Mario Bros U. Galxy 2 is obviously the prequel to Mario 2 on GameBoy...It all makes perfect sense really...

DryBoneKoopa851416d ago

Umm I would say maybe that could be true but their is the problem of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker... For anyone that has completed Captain Toad knows what I'm talking about.

WizzroSupreme1416d ago

That image of Mario's jawline is something out of hell.