Totalpcgaming preview: Fallout 3

Deep inside a vault in Maryland, US, Bethesda Softworks is working towards the final touches of what is rapidly becoming the team's most ambitious project yet. So far 2008 promises to be another monster year for PC gaming, with Fallout 3 highlighting the calendar and launching itself into a tug-o'-war with Spore for your cash in the autumn. While even the developer with a reputation for huge RPGs can't compete with Spore in terms of pure magnitude, what Bethesda has done to Fallout 3 in the last few months should draw the attention of even the most partisan Sims fan, away from their favourite waste of time for a few minutes.

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bunbun7773662d ago

Fallout 3 is gonna be awesome- Im sold already, 500 endings? can it be true?

paul_war3662d ago

I hope so, they will probably be very minor differrences, but still very cool.