Rumor: A new Chief'less Halo announced at E3

After speaking with their inside insiders, CVG is reporting that they believe Microsoft will in fact announce a new Halo game next week that's said to not be a true Halo 4 seeing that Master Chief is said to not be featured in the game.

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chaosatom3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

and they are labeling it halo?

Microsoft doesn't miss the opporunity of making money that's for sure.

Choonqpead3609d ago

The halo universe is massive, as all of the games, books, and "halo bible" have shown us. Bungie did a lot more than just set up a story line to follow their trilogy with MC, they created an entire universe that has a ton of potential. Thats why games such as Halo Wars works so well with the backstory. They have set themselves or another studio up to have endless opportunities to create new and interesting games with the halo story.

ry-guy3609d ago

So we have a Halo universe and a Mass Effect universe.

It would be nice to see some new IPs setup with elaborate universes.

Heck you don't even need a huge cannon of material to launch a successful and ever lasting franchise. Look at Mario...

It'd be nice to see some new strong IPs from Microsoft is all...

dachiefsman3609d ago

I am sure you won't be buying God of War III.

chaosatom3609d ago

they replaced kratos with someone else?

dachiefsman3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

My comment was directed at the "make money" part. After all the video game is an "industry" where their primary goal is too "make money".

IE God of War III. If it works go with it.

Bnet3433609d ago

Basically, people who do not like Halo are mad that a new Halo game is coming out. That just means they are scared and jealous.

UrbanJabroni3609d ago

"It doesn't have Master Chief ?
and they are labeling it halo?"

Yet people on this site adamantly defend the idea of the potential of the next MGS not including snake.

A franchise != the same characters...

CaptainHowdy3608d ago

MGS2...u played as snake for a blink

Bloodwar3608d ago

A prequel where you start out going to war just after graduating bootcamp or Advanced Infantry Training. Make this game as epic as the other Halo games and perhaps have your character attain ranks after each of the battles until finally in the end he becomes Master Chief. Could be really cool. =) They could do many battles on Earth and even perhaps on the moon or Mars against other Earthly militaries.

vhero3608d ago

Does it matter you couldnt tell anyways as they all look the fricken same! nobodys got any characteristics whatsoever the major crappy part about this game is there are no people with characteristics everybody inc master chief looks the fricken same!

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Salvadore3609d ago

What about the Peter Jackson project?

GiantEnemyCrab3609d ago

As far as we know this could be it.

Next week we should have more answers.

Rich16313609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Halo without the Chief = FAIL.

kewlkat0073609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

....Bye bye Snake

But we'll see.

They should def continue Halo, I mean we have COD4 so why not? Plus it has some of the best multi-player features on consoles.

morganfell3605d ago

Well MGS can have Snake in a game without having Snake. It is called Big Boss as in MGS3.

niall773609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Start Another Fight

Maybe they can send the space marines to a desert plannet and you fight alien terrorists and you steal there space oil.

But if Bungie arent making it (which looks likely) it could be a crock of """" unless they get someone outside of MSGS to make it

wait and see


Come on MS, be original, Halo has been done to death! I can't blame you though, because the Halo franchise is a goldmine, no matter how poor the game is, it'll sell HUGE.

GiantEnemyCrab3609d ago

They've made 3 Halo games and they've done it to death?

I supposed you feel the same about Metal Gear Solid 4 right? or how about Final Fantasy XIII (don't care if they are all different games it's still the FF franchise being milked).

New IP's are great and risky and the Halo universe is a proven success for them and it's a big universe if you read any of the books.
I can totally see why they are wanting to make more out of it.

The one point I do agree with you on is that it will sell huge!