Commercial Homebrew And Coders Rights

The Homebrew and Emulation Scenes span so many consoles now that it is truly amazing to see so many sites and coders and fans worldwide, a natural progression is to see Homebrew and Emulators going commercial in some form. The excellent releases from the Dreamcast Scene especially from the likes of Dan potter and in particular Feet of Fury show the full potential of what can be done, the somewhat murky waters come in if the original code is by another coder.

Recently the announcement that a donation when buying a Pandora Console will get you access to betas is also a good idea in General but the problems lie if say someone ports for instance PCSX to the Pandora and they get cash but in all fairness the original coder also deserves cash for the work in coding the emu in the first place.

Moving on from that in the Iphone scene there are some coders who have a donation scheme to get beta access to the releases that they are working on. Now yes the coder doing the work to port to say Iphone/Pandora etc deserves some of the takings but shouldn't the original coder deserve some too?

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