Flagship's Max Schaefer

Eurogamer: "Max Schaefer is the operations chief and co-founder of Flagship Studios. Flagship was created by Max, brother Erich, Bill Roper and David Brevik after they all left Blizzard North, where they had worked together on the two Diablo games. Its first game, the anticipated online action-RPG Hellgate: London, released last year to mixed reviews. Flagship is now working on Mythos, a colourful free-to-play MMO with very Diablo-style, fast-paced, top-down action, which we rather liked when we tried the beta.

Though nearing completion, Mythos has undergone some major changes in recent months, not least the re-engineering of its "Overworld" into a single online space shared by all players on a server, bringing it closer in design and feel to a traditional MMO than its action-RPG roots. We spoke with Schaefer about the reasons for the change, the prospects for the game, and what Flagship has learned from Hellgate's difficult birth."

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