Dying Light PC (High/Low) vs. PS4 Image Comparison: PS4 Holds Surprisingly Well At 1080p Against PC

GearNuke: "Dying Light seems to be a great port on the PS4."

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solar1182d ago

definitely winning the most over hyped console award. "Supercharged PC" my ass. both MS and Sony sold you a bill of goods. 2015 and 1080p/60fps a struggle.

badz1491182d ago

you make it sounds like Sony charges $1000 for PS4. the PS4 is $400 and it performs very well for a hardware at that price.

just keep in mind a $400 pc will not have the performance of the PS4. get over it!

make721182d ago

try to run metro stable 60fps with 500 euros pc:)

IrishSt0ner1182d ago


Here you go...

The same money will get a PC that is more powerful than a console. FACT.

Clover9041182d ago

You show me a PC graphics card capable of playing Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, or The Order on the PC. Oh, it doesn't exist? Haha, enjoy your League of Legend, lol.

Haki11121182d ago

@clover904 you know the ps4 gpu is a modified version of the HD 7870 right? So any gpu higher or equal to that should be able to run all those games quite fine

solar1182d ago

Ah yea, clover the "list guy". The dumbest argument one can make.

sinjonezp1182d ago

It's not so much about the modified gpu or comparing the gpu to the pc, remember , the ps4 is a dedicated gaming platform with 8 gb of gddr ram most gpu's on pc have 2gb the new gtx960 only have 2gb of ram for the gpu. The gtx980 has 4 . When you look at ram limits, you have stuttering and frame drops when running at hi res. the ps4 is a great machine at its price so nothing to complain about. I think dying light looks great on ps4.

badz1491181d ago


nice list but still lacking kb+m or controller and most importantly, Windows.

BUT, good luck trying to run new games at 1080phigh setting with that setup. you'll be lucky to get 1080p30fps with mid setting in games like Dying Light. with Ass. Creed Unity, this setup is pretty much CRAP!

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lonelyplayer1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

it's pretty amazing that a $400 (+ game) console can compete against a $1500-$2000 PC.

JamesBondage1183d ago

you can build a decent pc for the same cost as a ps4.. but it is nice to see that at least one of the new gen consoles is living up to its promise

fallacious1183d ago

Are you serious? A decent gfx itself already costs around $300 give or take. And you still need to buy other crap like fans, casing, CPU itself is gonna cost maybe $200. No way you can get a decent PC for the same cost as a PS4 unless you stumble upon some serious discounted sales.

zeal0us1183d ago

Sorry I have to disagree. A $400 pc will suck when it comes to modern games. A $600-700+ pc is more of a decent pc then say a $400 pc would be.

Qrphe1182d ago

>you can build a decent pc for the same cost as a ps4

People should stop spreading this like a natural law because it makes some uninformed people to go but cheap-ass rigs that become useless within the month

cpayne931182d ago

@fallacious a decent graphics card is 300? Thats your definition of decent? Hell the newly released gtx 960 is 200 and it maxes out most everything. Also, there are great budget options for cpus, the amd fx 6300 is under 100 and its a great cpu.
I would say you need more than 400 for a pc that beats the ps4, but it isn't that far off. People have done it on youtube, although they leave out the os.

BC_Master_Haze1182d ago

Little hint here for OS shoppers, Windows store doesn't ask for anything else than a Gmail address to "verify" you're a student. Can get premium for 70 bucks.

slappy5081182d ago

While you probably have to spend more an a PC initially, in the long run it can work out cheaper. You don't have to pay a fee to play online, and most of the multiplat games are cheaper to own on PC.

obmas1182d ago

A $400 PC? lol good luck with that. Yes, it's doable, but it will be utter chit and will probably have something fail due to cheap china parts.

Dee_911182d ago


Remember when the build your own PC brigade was here? I bet newegg received record breaking returns that year lol.

pyroxxx1182d ago

for 400 usd you can get a decent power supply, and maybe RAM

reaperofsouls1182d ago

@ JamesBondage your talking sh*t man, u would need to spend at least $700-800 on a gaming rig to be at ps4 standard.

MysticStrummer1182d ago

"you can build a decent pc for the same cost as a ps4"

I assume by "decent pc" you don't mean one that will have the same performance…?

BattleTorn1182d ago

I sunk $1200 into a PC in 2012.

I'm looking at around a $400 bill just to bring it back up-to-date

Irishguy951182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

@ Battletorn, that was a mistake, you should get a 600-700 quid PC and upgrade GPU in 3-4 years. Imo. This way, your PC will last alot longer and you'll essentially have a new PC in 3-4 years for just another 200 quid. A midrange GPU 3-4 years later is a good few times more powerful. Of course, since consoles exist you won't NEED this new GPU as most games will tailor to lower end hardware, however, its nice to MAX out games that come along. I do mean MAX out btw. If any dev decides to use the PC's power in these 4 years you'll have what is essentially what I call a cross gen game. Look at some PC games from the year or 2 before X1 and Ps4 came out.

Also, the simple fact is, once you have your PC, every single thing else is cheaper on PC than on Consoles. Games, F2P online etc. 4 years on PS+ or XBL cost 200 quid more too, never mind 6 to 8 years. PC's also have more features than a console so they can double up as a gaming PC, work PC, College etc... I recently bought 650 quid PC that outdoes the consoles. I use it for many other things too. I'll be getting a Ps4 eventually for the exclusives too. But wow does a PC take priority. Its nice than I can play Ps2 games and any console prior to Ps2 on my PC too ya know? And they are in HD.

Also, a 1500 dollar PC is many times more powerful than a PS4

Also, I liek that the old 'optimization' argument is now obselete, it was always BS, Video game engines are optimized, this includes ANY hardware the game engine is running on. Consoles get Minor optimization. If a dev doesn't optimize their game it'll be harder to run on any hardware. If they do, they have sorted out their code and again, any system will have it easier running said code

JsonHenry1182d ago

Near to the price of the PS4/Xbox1 you can build a PC that does more than either console could, yes. But it wouldn't be that future proof. The Nvidia 960, cheap phenom series CPU, and 8-16gigs of RAM+run of the mill motherboard you could easily get for ~$500.

But if you're going budget then you might as well go with a console in the first place. Unless you just need a PC for more practical purposes than gaming. Or you want to play the numerous cheap/free to play games on the PC platform. Actually, you really get a lot more for your money by building a budget rig than you would buying a console. On PC you don't have to pay to play online, it supports mods, and you can do a crap ton of other things with a PC for the same price as a console.

Of course the console has one major thing that the average person prefers- ease of use. A LOT of people are scared at the thought of having to trouble shoot the occasional issue that comes with PC gaming. That almost never happens with a console. You put it in and it works the vast majority of the time.

I'm rambling. But I think I've made my point well enough.

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Rimeskeem1183d ago

A 1500$ PC could probably play 4k

JsonHenry1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I can play this game at 3k and my rig cost me about $1.8k. My rig didn't need to cost so much but I sprung a lot extra for the Level-10gt case as well as 500gig SSD. So far the GTX980 has been good to me.

Reefskye1182d ago

@JsonHenry, I run at 4k with Nvidia's DSR, but got an old i7 2600k and a PCI-E 2.0 MB and 4gb 770, I did lag when I first tried it but I turned on Shader Cache in the Nvidia control panel that stopped the lag completely, only thing I turned down was viewing distance that's at 50%. Also turned off film grain because it makes the game look crap, don't know why they add that visual effect I personally hate it

DLConspiracy1183d ago

Sorry but a ps4 is not comparable to a $1,500-$2,000 computer. Its a nice thought but not reasonable.

_-EDMIX-_1183d ago

It has more to do with the game as graphics are game dependent more then system.

ie Dying Light had a PS3 and 360 version, how do we know that they didn't just scale all the way back to that version? For all we know, the max setting on PC, is merely just the PS4 version.

PS4 and XONE's GPU is 2X that of a normal PC GPU due to optimaztion, so in reality it just means the game can hold up to a PS4 game, not that the system can if that makes any sense.

Most that are disagreeing don't really know much about gaming to begin with.

That idea is completely game dependent. ie what a 1500-2000 PC can do compared to a PS4 is largely in part due to WHAT ITS GAMES CAN DO!

ie MOST PC titles that would be consider "next gen" would be PS4 and XONE ports anyway, meaning that they of course will likely play better on a very small degree seeing how it was ported from PC to begin with.

Now...PS4 and XONE GPU's are 2X that of the normal PC GPU, can't just get a GPU that has a higher number then a PS4 and think its "beats" a PS4, because techically doesn't.

You need 2X just to MEET PS4 and XONE specs in terms of GPU, so around 3X or 4X then well talk, but this BS about building a PC for the same cost as a PS4 doensn't actually make sense.

Look at Witcher 3's

Assassin's Creed Unity's specs...


I'm sorry but the minimum for base specs confirms you indeed need 2X of a PS4's GPU to even run those on PC, thus...this magical PC that is the same price as a PS4 sounds like a complete joke.

I would laugh if you even BUILT a damn rig that had a GTX 660....

If its the minimum now, it won't be this year, less then a year, that GPU won't like run many NEXT GEN only titles.

Thus...whats the point of being "near" a PS4's power if it just means upgrading every year?

What you've done is actually spent MORE money upgrading GPU's.

Remember folks, the rule of thumb is 2X PS4's GPU on PC...merely MEETS its want to BEAT those specs.

I would be looking to get something around 4 to 5TFLOPS to last.

No....a decent PC won't cost the same as a PS4, decent for whom?

Thats like saying (yo bro, a decent console can be bought cheaper then a PS4 bro....but it just won't play PS4 games)

Your comparing a garbage PC that will just play last gen games against a next gen gaming console.


Please dear god....if your going to compare...actually compare quality buddy.....

How does that "decent PC" stack up against AC Unity or The Witcher 3?

sorane1183d ago

The $100 750ti easily proves everything you've said in your little rant wrong.

JsonHenry1182d ago

Please stop posting. You clearly have NO CLUE what it is you are talking about.

Haki11121182d ago

Son you just went full retard..

SlapHappyJesus1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Well, to be fair, my $1200 pc from two years ago is still largely outperforming the current crop of consoles. To say that the PS4 is then competing with more expensive PCs of today is more than a stretch.
You honestly can't build a PC to match a console at the same cost. But I'm getting tired of the embellishment that goes on when talking about it.

_-EDMIX-_1183d ago what regard? Only next gen only title to release is Assassins Creed Unity. SO your rig holding up well against that title is really the only thing you can say in terms of "outperforming" a PS4.

And your right, one can't build a PC to match a console at the same price.

I'm sure your rig likely outperforms a PS4 too if you got a beast GPU that is.


LMFAO! Good lord...

Soooo this is one of the folks that thinks a PC can beat a PS4 at a cheaper price point...

Would you want this idiot building your next gen PC?

For gods sake...he is recommending a GPU that is not even the minimum to play a next gen only title.

All he's done is show just how little he knows about PC gaming.

Sure bud, put a 750Ti in your rig (good luck playing next gen games that I can play on PS4 though....)

Legit...would you REALLY want this dude building your rig?

The GPU that "proves everything" wrong...isn't even the damn minimum for the 2 next gen only titles that we know are demanding.


So please...dear god N4G folks....take with a grain of salt this BS on building a next gen ready PC with such a weak GPU.

On paper...sure, it looks like it can beat a PS4, in stands no chance as the PS4's GPU is 2x the listed performance due to optimization ie WHY AC UNITY AND WITCHER 3's listed GPU's are GTX 680's and 660s.

Thats just to meet it. Who the hell wants to spend money on a Rig with a GPU that is merely MEETING the specs for a game THIS YEAR in the start of a gen?

It just doesn't make sense.

Seek at 4TFLOP or 5TFLOP GPU to be fully next gen ready....

Read the PC specs of NEXT GEN ONLY titles, never mind titles with PS3 and 360 versions as they will scale back to those versions on PC.

What you want is NEXT GEN ONLY to determine your next GPU, never mind that it can play a cross gen game, worry about if it can play the latest next gen only title...

SlapHappyJesus1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


Any game that is released on PS4 or XboxOne in a state more impressive than that of last gen is next gen. I'm not playing word games with you, nor do I consider you the deciding voice of what is and is not "next gen".
The point being, if it's running on PS4, it's probably running on my PC largely better. That PC is two years old, and did not cost me what was stated by the member I was actually addressing.

Stop getting upset at every post, spamming this entire thing with a wall of text. Especially when you don't address everyone's statements in full. All you did was cherry pick sections of my post you wished to argue. I never even mentioned Unity, so . . .

BattleTorn1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I too spent $1200 on a rig, in Jan 2012., and the graphics card (GTX560Ti) is in need of an upgrade. That'll likely run me around $300-400.

Enough that I much prefer my consoles. (Plus, my friends have now upgrade to next-gen - a transition I could never have them do over to PC)

cpayne931182d ago

I just built a 600 dollar pc that beats the ps4... 2000 dollar wtf.

Cha0tik1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I'm not disagreeing that $2000 PC's are better than a PS4 for anyone that is going to think I'm going fanboy on this comment... I'm not.

Now to cayne93, I think the point of this is to say that you can't build a computer that handles graphics and stability as well as PS4 does for $400. Now $600, you can but how long will that last without upgrades? Yes, I'll step out of my comfort zone and state the facts... PC's are better but you can't ignore the fact that console games are built for those consoles because of a set of specs that do not change for a long period of time. PC devs have to build for various specs so it's a bit harder to optimize for some rigs... making (some) consoles last longer for newer games. Not really saying that you can't build a better PC for $600 when you can but you will have to eventually upgrade (even though they may be minor) in order to keep up. If you build a $1500+ computer it's built to last long (depending on parts and if you know what you're doing building it) and out last as well as out perform what consoles can accomplish.

kingduqc1182d ago

Do you buy computers at best buy? 1500 lol

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xxchicago33xx1183d ago

I am not a PC gamer by any means...and own a PS4...but couldn't this be because Techland didn't optimize the game for PC, but simply ported the console version?

DLConspiracy1183d ago

That's happened to a lot of games in the past. They optimize it on consoles and don't for PC.

1183d ago
SlapHappyJesus1183d ago

That's what I read into it too. They say in the article it's a "solid console port", when it could just as easily be a "standard PC port", with little done to stretch what can be done with the PC.

DLConspiracy1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Too bad pictures don't show frames.

Rimeskeem1183d ago

But they show a frame....

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