PS4 Minimum Save File Reduced to 3.15MB

Thankfully, Sony has come to their senses and have reduced the minimum save file for PS4 games.

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ValKilmer1182d ago

Yes! Now I'll have room to install 17 copies of The Order: 1886.

Father__Merrin1181d ago

I never noticed until I clicked this link

BitbyDeath1181d ago

Was not even aware of this, might have to delete some old saves.

ThunderPulse1181d ago

Why the hell is there a minimum? And the maximum should be increased so MineCraft on PS4 can have larger worlds.

kneon1181d ago

There may be a standardized structure to the save file format that had a lower limit, though I wouldn't have expected it to be so big.

jay21181d ago

why's this news, those games came out months ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.