Sony Offering PS4 Bundle With Dying Light and The Last of Us: Remastered for Less Than $430

Sony is offering quite the PS4 bundle on Amazon right now: for those who purchase the system, you can net both The Last of Us: Remastered and Dying Light for only $429.99.

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nicksetzer1939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

"For less than $430" ... what a silly way to say it, though accurate I suppose.

That said, this is a pretty good deal, pretty much half off for dying light for those who were buying a ps4 and dying light anyway seems like a no brainer.

ajames347939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Had to keep the number short and saying "for $430" isn't completely accurate.

And yeah, it's a pretty good deal. I was surprised to see something like this on Dying Light's launch day but it makes sense.

Kingdomcome247939d ago

It is a great deal. I wasn't expecting them to bundle this game, but it's smart in the lull leading into February.

Magicite939d ago

Basically You get 2 quality games for 30$, awesome deal.

Macdaddy71939d ago

Ok X1 guys lets give Sony fans there own crap back!!!!
Ps4s not selling Sony having to give not One but Two games away free to even sell a system, Sony can't give ps4 away,.. Lol
Sony rather add a game or Two rather then drop the price a little for fans!!!! It's not the point of offering gamers a deal..Sony cared bout there fan they would drop the price one time to let the gamers that don't have big money a chance to get one,... No reason why MS drop the x1 price but it did help some that didn't have the money get one...

twiggytree12939d ago

With MS it was a $50-$70 retail price cut with 2 free games and in some cases more than 2 free games...

This bundle is selling ABOVE the ps4's retail price.
There may be a discount on the games, but this bundle is in noway relevant to MS's bundle tactics during the 2014 holidays.

Jog on.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

I was just about to point out that difference to Macdaddy71, but you beat me to it. I'll just elaborate on your point if you don't mind. When you factor in that the PS4 is already profitable being sold by itself, this and other bundles for the PS4 don't lose very much, especially since most people who buy these bundles also buy a year of PS Plus. So it isn't a loss by any stretch, unlike the competition, who's selling the console at a loss and throwing in one or two games. There is a clear difference of about 100 dollars gained/lost respectively.

twiggytree12939d ago

Exactly, I also forgot to mention the various retailer's who threw in $50 gift cards on top of all the freebies with the X1 bundle.

iluvmaPS3939d ago

I was just about to buy a ps4 with my tax return. Is that 430 plus tax? I haven't purchased from amazon in a long time. I was gonna pickup a ps4 at walmart for 426 including tax

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen939d ago

You'd be better off ordering the bundle from Amazon. The one or two day shipping would be free too.

iluvmaPS3938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Definitely, but my question is does that 430 include tax? Is that a really dumb question? Of course there will be a 6% tax becuase i live in idaho?

twiggytree12938d ago

Yes you would have to pay tax on it.