10 Final Game Levels You Will Never Be Able to Forget

Great games have great endings. We look at 10 of the most memorable last levels in endings. Get ready to get *spoiled*

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shaw98934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

"Great games have great endings." Unnecessary rant: Not all games. Some games don't even end such as Animal crossing. So in a way, are you saying Animal crossing is not a great game because it does not have an ending? Also, great games like Super Mario Sunshine have bad endings yet it is a great game. Or NES games that simply say "Thanks for playing."

Not all great games have good endings darn it!!!

miyamoto934d ago

TLOU ending is like no other!
It will leave your jaw dropped and your eyes staring at nothing and your brains grasping for logic.

Letthewookiewin934d ago

Ya pretty much in the best way possible.

DarXyde934d ago

Snake Eater!

Absolutely yes. I'm gonna go play it now. I have a save file before every boss and it's time to get that MIG off the ground.

Flipgeneral934d ago

Way to have a spoiler as the article thumbnail...