Intelligent decisions

Develop writes: Always interesting, at present the market for games-related artificial intelligence technology is even more fluid than usual…

Like a slowly swinging pendulum, the trend within the games AI middleware market has once again moved away from games. It may seem like a nonsensical thing to say, but as well as Pregasis effectively withdrawing one-time market leading product AI.implant, French company SpirOps also seems to focusing more on the simulation market these days. It's exactly the same decisions taken by companies such as Stottler Henke and MASA a couple of years ago.

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sebloze3665d ago

Sebastien Loze from Presagis here (product marketing manager for AI.implant)

Wanted to let you know that AI.implant continues to be offered to game developers and supports consoles including XBOX 360, Playstation 3, UNREAL Engine 3 and more.

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone might have about how we support serious and commercial gaming.