Impressions: EVOLVE Brings an Original Flavor of Gameplay Innovation That’s Worthwhile

Jon Iro and Jermain Jackson share their impressions on the Evolve Beta and Technical Test:

"Evolve on Xbox ONE has a solid frame rate, gameplay, and graphics. Over time, we’ve seen Turtle Rock Studios give a very much improved build again and again. The game overall is very quick and easy to jump in to and play and the design concept is original and good. Turtle Rock has given birth to a lot of new moments for the shooter genre and we appreciate that as the genre certainly needs revitalizing."

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Cstahler92RNG1414d ago

I enjoyed playing it, can't wait to play with friends though. The AI is kind of meh.

TheJacksonRGN1414d ago

Playing with others who actually no how to is a blast. Even if there isn't any verbal communication.

rdgneoz31414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Had fun until I ran into people playing as wraiths and they just spent the whole game running away... Was basically: Run, get caught in arena, stealth, and then run away when arena fades...

Elit3Nick1414d ago

@rdgneoz3 The wraith will no longer be able to warp while cloaked now, but I think that only solves one of the multiple factors of its overpoweredness.

jriquelme_paraguay1414d ago

This game feels like an Free2Play... Have fun with the Beta, but i think it doesn't worth 60 usd. I will wait until the "Complete" edition.
For example, you can buy Titanfall Deluxe with all DLCs and Bonus for just 12usd right now in the Live Market

nowitzki20041414d ago

This game looks like its gonna be fun. For how long though is the question.