Add-ons no longer on the periphery

Mention the games market and most attention is focused on consoles or the games that run on them.

These are core areas of the market, but there is an ever increasing sector of the market - console peripherals and add-ons. Walk into any games store, and more and more shelf space is devoted to the extras that turn games consoles into not just better games machines but, in many cases, devices that offer functions beyond playing games.

Out of the box, a standard Wii comes with two special controllers for motion sensing - the main controller and a second one, called a Nunchuck for two-handed play with some games.

"Our Nunchucks and controllers are huge sellers beyond what is supplied with a core unit," Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin says.

Microsoft Xbox marketing manger Jeremy Hinton says the strategy is to make next-generation games affordable to a wider market.

"We have a pretty good record of passing on savings to consumers," he says.

Sony's next-generation PS3 makes use of more third-party peripherals from companies such as Logitech, which also produces steering wheels and the like for the console.

Sony's Ephraim says the company pioneered the modularisation of gaming.

"We respect what the Wii has done, which is taking up what we started," he says.

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murda123726d ago

u did not start that,, and even if u did, you didnt think to do it like nintendo. which is the best gaming system hands down, they just need to make games for the older people,, instead of games for kids..

Mr PS33726d ago

The wii makes games for kids

The wii is for kids
And just for the record
The 360 is for cheeky kids