Destiny Guide: How to Beat Crota’s End on Hard

Cement Crota’s End in history.

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FifthRocketeer1419d ago

Had a read through it, nice guide. Now i have not completed Crota on hard myself, but from reading other guides this seems to be one of the slower, but safer ways to do it.

Aceman181419d ago

Already know the strategy to beat it bungie jut needs to fix the crazy a$$ glitches and bugs that are ruining it.

Neonridr1418d ago

it really is a shame. Best I was able to do was take down about 3/4 of his health and then something glitched on the next sword..

some day I will beat it... some day.

Fil1011418d ago

I need some friends to play with on this as most of my buddys play on ps3

rawrock1418d ago

I finally beat the last Crota story mission by myself yesterday as a level 27 Warlock...

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