Let’s Rank the Destiny Classes from Worst to First

Destiny has lots of subclasses but which one is the best? Let's rank all of the destiny classes from worst to first and find out!

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BlackTar1871415d ago

These stupid clickbait websites need to be banned.

lameguy1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

twinfinite is the worst. I asked before but no one responded - Is there a way to block all news stories coming from a particular source just for my view?

Christopher1415d ago

That is not possible at this time. It has been mentioned to the owners in the past as something many in the community would want.

EdMcGlone1415d ago

How is it clickbait? The title is pretty clear about what you're getting!

BlackTar1871415d ago

Maybe i used the wrong term not sure. But any article or website that says these 6 things and then separates them to different clicks with very little text is what i consider clickbait.

They could have put 3 on one page at the very least but nope you need to click and load 6 times.

Christopher1415d ago

Agree 100% with this ranking.

RyanShutup1415d ago

Whaaaa? no ways man... try to kill Crota on hard with 6 Sunsingers and tell me they're still the better class over defender titans! The new raid (hard mode) would not even be beatable without defender titans...

Christopher1415d ago

You look at one raid only and, sure, the rating changes. But, this is a PvE overall analysis that I agree with.

In the raid, you want a combination of titan, hunter, and warlock. There really isn't one more important than the other. It looks like titan is important, and it is, but so is warlock and hunter.

Most of the new raid in hard mode is about gear. Meaning, get an exotic that heals you with orb pick ups.

MelvinTheGreat1415d ago

Self revive is the most useful clutch move in the game

GameSpawn1415d ago

The resurrection of the Sunsinger sub-class can be an ass saver. Some think it causes Warlocks to be cocky, but as a Warlock user myself it is not to be cocky it is for the RARE (or common depending on the situation) I need to revive someone in a VERY risky area.

I can usually get the revive quick enough for them to run to safety after reviving, but not for me to get out of there as well. Resurrection allows me a safety net to revive after and run away to a safe zone. I don't WANT to use it if I don't NEED to, but it really helps, especially if it means not restarting from a check point and wasting time or getting kicked to orbit in a nightfall.

Every class has issues that make them seem overpowered in certain situations, but in reality overall the classes are fairly balanced and when used in coordination with each other DEADLY (*cough* Raids *cough* Strikes *cough*). Hunters have their Golden Gun and Invisibility, Titans have their Shoulder Charge and Bubble Shields, and Warlocks have their INSANE jump height and Resurrection (there's more pros and cons, but I thought to highlight the obvious).

kyzer19781415d ago

I concur. The article is short, to the point and quite accurate.

TekKing1415d ago

So according to that site the worst to first is Voidwalker - Voidwalker.

I didn't bother to click "Next" however many times they wanted me to so I'm just going to assume it's multiple pages of "Voidwalker" instead.

Tex1171414d ago

All comes down to preferance really and what you are trying to accomplish. This is my list as for raid and team play.

Titan - Defenders are always useful and teams are stronger with them. You can get real creative with those bubbles.

Bladedancers don't have the best super around, but the invis perks and agility are extremely useful when attempting some of the content that needs a little finess. (Ie, can run like hell and not get caught...solo gatekeepers in VoG...Crota, all the time). Stealth revives in nightfalls. Lots of room for creativity here as with creative uses of the titan defender.

Gunslingers are also useful in situations where you need extremely fast reload. The only "team" part I have found its good for is when you get behind in oracles on Atheon. Pop a golden gun, and you are good. I think Gunslingers and Sunsingers are about the same in terms of team utility.

Sunsingers-Extremly useful for one person on the team, but nothing else other than to save a wipe in a nightfall. Not saying they aren't great for the player, but the perk that adds grenades to the other fireteam members is rarely used as to save the self-revive.

That said, I have not found much use for a voidwalker warlock or a striker titan in pve.

JeffGUNZ1414d ago

I have 3 hunters and only really used gunslinger. I have now been addicted to bladedancer as it is the best go to for any situation. The ability to cloak in many different ways is insane. For the Dark Below, I'd rank bladedancer and defender as the most important. Without them, you're done.