BioShock Creator Working on New First-Person RPG

BioShock creator Ken Levine has today revealed a few tidbits of information about his new studio's upcoming game.

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Relientk771416d ago

Nice! Can't wait to see what it looks like. Ken Levine is awesome

Bigpappy1416d ago

He is going to need to partner with a good publisher in order to get proper funding. I suspect that might be 2k again. WRPG are a huge undertaking.

-Foxtrot1416d ago

Ken is back :)

Shame he's not continuing Bioshock though


The whole "Multiverse" thing he introduced in Infinite could of introduced a number of different, interesting new "takes" on the "Lighthouse, man and city" scenario.

Didn't really like what they did to Elizabeth in Burial at Sea Episode 2 although it was nice that she was the reason who started the fall of Rapture and set up the first game.

GokuSolosAll1416d ago

Interesting but I still want that damn Bioshock Tactical RPG for my Vita.

sikandar2011416d ago

I love RPG games with 3rd person... i sort of hate rpgs with first person...

parentsbasement1416d ago

Trying to follow Bioshock is a tall order , hard to live up to I would think......the atmosphere , the music , those wonderful signs , the little demonstration videos......damn , I want to play it (all of them ) again now....

fanboysmackdown1416d ago

Yeah, we need a remaster of that series badly.

parentsbasement1416d ago

Hell yes , somehow maybe (or not) play it in "order" with all the dlc in pay a premium for that ......

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