Kingdom Hearts 3 Looks To Be On Track For A Holiday 2015 Release

Square Enix has tried to keep a tight lid on Kingdom Hearts 3's Release date
but others involved with the project's development and odd pre-order price
may prove other wise.

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IBeCallum11239d ago

Rule #1: Never trust voice actors.

TheJacksonRGN1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Wasn't Kevin Conroy once quoted for saying another Batman title was on the way a few months before Arkham Origins even came out?

CyrusLemont1239d ago

Bruh, check out this article I wrote before Arkham Knight was even announced :) http://www.comicbookmovie.c...

Kamikaze1351239d ago

Let's not forget the voice actor that confirmed Tales of Vesperia's release on the PS3 in the US. Never happened, lol.

blackblades1239d ago

lol nothing I remember him saying he was doing voice over I don't remember him actually confirming anything. That VO was for the movie.

iamtehpwn1239d ago

I do not know how many times I can say this before these people trying to force KH3 to come sooner than it can:

This game absolutely positively is NOT coming out this year. KH3 will NOT be a 2015 game. Development on it just transition into UE4 within the past few months. The game is super early in development. All the footage we saw of it so far, were TARGET RENDERS and not actual gameplay.

Agent_00_Revan1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Agreed. They still have a LONG way to go. If we see anything substantial at E3 this year, I'll be surprised.

BC_Master_Haze1239d ago

I'll likely be dead before they release that game, and I'm 18.

Magicite1239d ago

KH3 most likely wont release before FF15.
FF15 most likely wont release before 2016.
But I really, really wish that I am wrong on this one.

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BitbyDeath1239d ago

I'd like to say I hope so but there are sooo many games coming out this year. Gonna be hard to find time to play long JRPG games amongst everything else.

colonel1791239d ago

Of course not. I just logic and common sense! smh.. Square Enix has Final Fantasy XV to get out first, and KH 3 has just begun production. If they are recording voices, it doesn't mean it's going to come out soon.

Dan_scruggs1239d ago


Sy_Wolf1239d ago

I've been hurt so many times before, I'm not going to get my hopes up until the game is out and reviewed.

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The story is too old to be commented.