X360 preview: Resident Evil 5

For 12 years you've wanted to find out the horrifying secret behind Resident Evil, and when 5 comes out, that's exactly what Capcom is promising. With Chris Redfield hunting down the origins of the Progenitor Virus, it's here where X360 shall receive the answers. But enough of what will be. At Capcom's Captivate event X360 witnessed Resi 5 playing in all its glory; by the end, they were no longer 'dry'.

It started out in a similar village to the start of Resident Evil 4, although on a far larger scale. Mr Redfield's safehouse had been infiltrated by villagers and our ripped friend was fending them off as quickly as possible… until an axe-wielding maniac came bursting through the door. Time to run! To slow down the potential onslaught, Chris popped a bullet in one of his assailant's legs before climbing onto the roof, using a bus to reach another building before dropping down into it. It's far more intense and fast-paced than what you may be used to, but it works, near perfectly.

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bunbun7773726d ago

Another rock solid game i can't wait to get. Thanks for the link.