If Only…Brand New 360 Dashboard Concepts discusses "the Fanboys" Dashboard update concept art.

From the article: "After the disappointing Spring Update, or lack thereof, you may be expecting some massive overhaul to the 360's user interface. Alternatively, you might be expecting a restructuring of Xbox Live Marketplace? Either way, the guys over at The Fanboys have come up with some really cool conceptual dashboard redesigns.

Hit the jump to have a look (and hear my rantings) ."

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CaptainHowdy3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

i can go for that...i mean it's better than NO update (ahem...Spring)

solidt123732d ago

Yeah thats a pretty good look. I know at some point they will give the Dashboard a Face Lift but to me it is still pretty good looking.

InMyOpinion3732d ago

I think it looks messy. The one they have now is better IMO.

resistance1003732d ago

I Agree the Blades on the dashboard look far better than that

bym051d3732d ago

All I ask for in a dashboard update is for games not to launch as soon as you put a disc in. Sometimes, I want to load a disc and do something else before I play it.

ozsman3732d ago

look in your options to change auto load disk to off

aggh im on fire3732d ago

The dash might need an update but i don't want it to end up like the Ps one. The whole point of the dash is to keep it very simple so anyone can find what they want and implement functions easily and quickly. Having lots of menus only complicates matters. Less is more. The Ps dash is overly loaded with icons and sub-menus and bit of a mess in my opinion and the blades though easier to navigate are not that much better. Yes after a little while you can find what you want but the dash should be intiuitive so a newcomer of any age can easily find what they want. Both need work.

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