These 6 Games Universes Would Be Just the Worst to Live In

You thought the last six were too easy? How's these for 'worst places to live'?

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JamesSlack1151d ago

Choice 5 threw me a little, but it makes sense

WeAreLegion1151d ago

I'll take most of these universes over God of War. At least in these games, the protagonist would help you out. In God of War, Kratos would either watch you die or kill you on accident.

It's why he's so cool.

Blank1151d ago

I would have to say a realistic pokemon world wouldnt be the best place to be if you look at the many pokedex entries from multiple generations. I mean kyogre and groudon fighting thats turbulent enough on its own while covering your ears from gourgeist singing and keeping an eye on your kid to not follow any drifloons.

WeAreLegion1151d ago

That and the entire economy is based on Pokemon. Humans don't even have hospitals, but Pokemon do. Pikachu would fry you once and you'd be dead.