TNA iMPACT! Two-On-One

Play talked to two of TNA Wrestling's biggest stars, Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles about their involvement in the first game from the TNA stable, TNA iMPACT!.

Play: Is there a real culture of gaming within the TNA organisation?

Joe: For the most part TNA's real fortunate because we have a lot of gamers that play regularly. We have weekly online gaming sessions that are kind of company only – it's a lot of fun. We've all been long-time game fans. We've played everything and we have every system in the world. So it was very, very important for us that this game be something special.

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drdre743695d ago

haha they call themselves gamers and they havent played a wrestling game since No Mercy? Come on. these guys sound like idiots. The game looks great i'll give it that. but from the clips i've seen it plays really slow to me. I'll give it a try even though i can't name anyone in TNA besides all the washed up WCW people and Kurt Angle. THA is just full of people that should have retired when WCW went under.