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Dying Light has got something for even you. The take-home message is that Dying Light has quickly become one of my favorite zombie-killing games and I think I might just be playing this game for quite a while.

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TearsOfARapper841176d ago

I've got to say.. I didn't really have any expectations for this game.. but these reviews make me want to pick it up immediately..

camel_toad1176d ago

Im a cheerleader for it now after putting in a few hours. It feels like quite a step up from the dead island games and the free-running really is great. Mirror's edge meets open world zombies.

TearsOfARapper841168d ago

Ordered it this morning!! Can't wait for it to come in.

Killa781176d ago

The online portion looks great, but I think it's worth picking up on sale.

DeadlyOreo1176d ago

Why on sale? Why not support the developer and get the game at normal price because it's a good game?

starchild1176d ago

What? It seems like a great game, it's getting great scores, and the online portion looks great, but you think it should only be picked up on sale? Why? It seems like exactly the kind of game that people would get right away if they are into this kind of game.

Killa781176d ago

Because it does not warrant a 40ish quid spend. That's alot of money for me lol.

Sorry for not being as rich as you?