PlayStation Store Sales This Week Feature EA & Bethesda Publisher Deals

Last week it was 2K and Square Enix, and this week EA and Bethesda have their own publisher sales going live on the PlayStation Store in North America, discounting various games and content on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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TrendyGamers1331d ago

Is Peggle 2 worth it for $4?

dbjj120881331d ago

Yep, especially if you've enjoyed the previous games.

Immorals1331d ago

Yes. Yes. And a bit more yes.

Spent most time on this game so far this generation

LonDonE1331d ago

yeah? i have it on ea access on my x1 but have not bothered to try it yet, too many games to play
Might have to give it a bash some time.

WeAreLegion1331d ago

If you have to ask, you're streets behind.

WeAreLegion1331d ago

In case anyone was wondering about NFL Blitz, let me save you some money. It sucks. It's nowhere near as fun as the original.

masterfox1331d ago

gonna save my money this time.

Christopher1331d ago

Wolfenstein is worth $30, but I think you could probably get it cheaper on disc by now at Amazon or the like.

Enmson1331d ago

So does the %10 discount still work? there are games on this sale i actually want :(

Enmson1331d ago

ah, thanks for the reply though

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The story is too old to be commented.