Bethesda Sale on PSN; Up to 50% Off Select Titles

There’s a Bethesda sale currently taking place on the PlayStation Network. There are a variety of titles from the developer with savings of up to 50% off.

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Anthotis1421d ago

Should be more than 50% discount on their abandoned, unfinished bugfests.

Antifan1421d ago

Bethesda = 8 letters
50% of 8 = 4

Fallout 4 confirmed!!

lipton1011421d ago

A bit of a stretch right there

lipton1011421d ago

I'm loving Sony PSN sales! Picked up Shadow warrior last week for $5.40, a $40 game. Hopefully they're taking a cue from steam. Because if they are, I'll buy a lot of games.... To end up not playing them.

Letthewookiewin1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

The sales while not as good as steam, are really incredible, and constant. I do wish I could buy Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas digitally though. Oh well great sales none the less.

RosweeSon1421d ago

Bought my ps4 on launch don't know why (I do it's amazing) as It only gets used every now and again redeem my free games each month buy some more cheap in the sales then go back to trying to work my way through the PS3 backlog, Ico, shadow of the Collosus, metal gear 2/3 possibly 4 again, God of war (the 2 psp ports) maybe nail 3 again, devil may cry collection, zone of the Enders collection, back to the future, wolf amoung us, far cry 3 (it was free) Journey, it's gonna be a real fun few months getting through my digital content by the looks of it, just finish off my last disc based game before the blu Ray goes on me... South Park, go out with a bang... Or a fart ;) Prob nail off rain and deadly premonition first tho after South park one cost about £2/3 and the latter was free so can't grumble ;)

RosweeSon1421d ago

But yeah the sales are fantastic over the various sales ive got 90% of what I'm after the rest I can hang fire on until future discounts ;) walking dead season 1/2 half price on ps4 last week only been out 2/3 months, think I'll hang fire on that New Resi, 10% was temping but under a £10er would be even better got the original gamecube version here I'm in no major Rush although look forward to it and Revelations 2 (think I'll grab the disc for that one) GAME ON!

madcowzz1421d ago

These sales have been amazing. Not on my wallet, but for games that I've been waiting a while to get. I got all 4 handheld Persona games for less than $40, Doom Classic half price, 2 Lumines games for less than $15, Tearaway for less than $15, and will probably pick up Battlefield 4 season pass since it's like $40 off (picked up the Borderlands 2 season pass too while I was at it).

Ah yes, Sony is doing great with these sales, especially with the 10% off on top of the amazing sales last week. I hope they keep it up