Family gamers boost Wii

WHILE the credit crunch has led consumers to shun some forms of entertainment as they scramble to save money, e-games appear to have been largely unaffected by this, with Nintendo and Sony spearheading sales gains.

Nintendo sold more than 150,000 of its Wii console in the first half of the year, and is nearing the 0.5 million milestone, as the maker of Australia's top-selling next generation console.

Microsoft has been unseated as the seller of the most popular next-generation console, as it has its Xbox 360 has been unable to match the Wii's growth.

Sony's PS3 also recorded an impressive result, growing by another 50 per cent to 248,000.

This didn't include the 44,000 units given away free with the purchase of a Bravia LCD television. The figures come at a time when retailers' share prices are taking a big hit from investors scared of negative consumer sentiment.

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