Woodie Dovich Discusses Napoleonic Strategy Musket Smoke II

Ahmad Khan writes: "I love Musket Smoke on my tablet, it’s a turn-based war game with an unusually interactive UI allowing for multiple tactical options. So many lunch hours have been wasted with work-buddies while we flank and charge each other. While turn-based war games are pretty common on tablets, this one was a bit different due to the interesting environmental mechanics it introduced. Small things that made historical battles like smoke, artillery, cavalry charges, and morale were neatly incorporated in the game mechanism without being overly cumbersome. So you can imagine by delight when the folks over at SnowPunch launched a crowdfunding project for the sequel to Musket Smoke. I was very curious to get more information about the new project and how SnowPunch is going to build on the pervious installment with their current project. With that in mind I messaged Mr. Woodie Dovich, the man behind SnowPunch for a quick interview. Mr. Dovich was kind enough to spare some time in order my answer my patented dirty dozen questions for regarding Musket Smoke II."

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