Dying Light Performance Guide

Nicolae Andrei at wrote:

"You already know that you are in for a bumpy ride when in the game’s main menu you are barely hitting 50 FPS. January isn’t even over yet and we are already struck by this year’s first bad game, graphics wise. And all this was developed by Techland. Here are the basic features for Dying Light:"

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Nephesh1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I just wish there were custom settings for those that didn't' want anti-aliasing or other features, but wanted hd textures or HD filtering.

windblowsagain1183d ago

Most likely as the statement suggests.

The problem here is GAMEWORKS.

Screws most people without a Nvidia card.

Andrei3419891183d ago

It appears that even people with Nvdia cards are experiencing issues...especially with view distance.