Sources: Joystiq Is Shutting Down

In a rather bizarre turn of events, popular gaming blog Joystiq has today reported on rumours of its own impending shutdown by parent company, AOL.

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aviator189994d ago

Shutting down means loss of jobs and that's always bad. Not to even mention the readers of joystiq.

FarEastOrient994d ago

Can they go independent instead of being shut down?

Agheil994d ago

Because it's the Internet.... The place where people love to hate on others....

Abash994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I stopped visiting Joystiq a while ago, but its still a shame to see them shutdown. I do like that they dropped review scores, a much needed change for the present gaming industry

CerealKiller994d ago

Yahoo is going to buy AOL so they must be slimming down.

bleedsoe9mm994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

so was that switch to no review scores a statement by the staff on the shutdown

bleedsoe9mm994d ago

that they don't like the way the industry review scores are being influenced by higher ups on the business side , and if they are going out anyway might as well make a statement . completely just a thought on my part i have absolutely no proof .

cutthroatslim994d ago

Oh ok, sounds legit. I can b abit slow @times.. :P

gamerfan0909994d ago

Although I hate this site and many of the biased people that post here N4G really has made sites like IGN and Joystiq obsolete. I get so much news from this site literally hours if not days before most of these sites. Not to mention the latest rumors and speculation.

PockyKing994d ago

????? N4G is just an aggregation site, you get all your news from all the stuff N4G aggregates, which is from sources like IGN, Joystiq and Gamespot. That's about as silly as the people on Reddit saying they get all their news from r/games lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.