My First Few Hours With Dying Light | Kotaku

"I wasn't sure what to expect from Dying Light, a new open-world zombie game from a studio known for making the regrettable open-world zombie series Dead Island. Imagine my pleasant surprise, then, when I discovered some cool ideas during my first five hours with the game.. Maybe you can teach an old zombie new tricks.

Maybe. I'm still not sure yet. Dying Light improves some aspects of Dead Island's zombie-centric gameplay by adding parkour-style movement into the mix along with some other promising features. It doesn't do as much to repair other parts of the Dead Island template that really needed fixing, though. So while I've enjoyed my first five hours with Techland's latest zombie romp, I remain wary about what's going to come next."

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Trekster_Gamer1389d ago

I enjoyed DI and DIR..
Can't wait to play this one as well!

g-nome1388d ago

I thought Dead Island was quite good , why call it regrettable? Kotaku's relevance is becoming regrettable.

Scrivlar1388d ago

Can anyone tell me when this is out? I've ordered it on amazon but it doesn't have a date.

RTetro1388d ago

Loving the game so far, spent about 3 hours in it last night.