The Order Exposed - Where Are You, Ian?

A new blog, following the discovery of an old journal in an attic, has unnoticeably taken to the web, portraying a lad named Ian trying to shed light on his great granddad's unusual life and secretive work within Westminister palace.
His quest sees him sharing details about ciphered language to strange blueprints to a trip down London's old underground network, and having the blog's community helping him solve the mystery.

Things only become stranger when Ian vanishes without a trace, leaving his friend Jim to reflect on the circumstances of his disappearance.

While an obvious promotional tool to the upcoming "The Order: 1886" (much like the EnjoyYourPower website for Infamous: Second Son), this site still provides an interesting detective sense to the background of the game's story, where the live community can participate by helping analyse the information gathered.

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lipton1011388d ago

This game is diggable. I hope it turns out good and not the ps4 equivalent of "Haze" (the day 1 purchase I'll always regret.)

husomc1388d ago

the order looks more realistic than this video :D