Majoras Mask 3D: 4 Things to Get Pumped For

GamerFitnation: "One of the major video game remakes that Nintendo fans have been clamoring for is just a few weeks away from being released on the Nintendo 3DS. I am here today to help celebrate the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D by talking about four things to get excited for in this 3D remake of the popular Nintendo 64 title." - Jen Galik

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Geobros1182d ago

Wonderful article here!

CloudRap1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I put down $50 to preorder the new 3ds but Im having second thoughts about buying it.
Might use that $50 for dying light instead.

IDK Im confused and in dire need of some non-fanboy advice.

I actually dont own one but mainly wanted one to get my nintendo fix without having to shell out $300 for a wiiU.

SteamPowered1182d ago

If you are simply upgrading the 3ds, I would say save your monies. If you dont have a 3ds at the moment, you would do yourself well to pick one up. 3ds has many incredible games that you do not want to miss out on.

SteamPowered1182d ago

Simply put, buy a 3ds now. When you do have one, you wont know how you lived without it. I have both the small and the XL versions. Nothing can beat portable gaming and Nintendo is the master.
Since the 3ds has been out for a few years there are many, many must-own games: Resident Evil:Revelations, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, Mario 3d, Star Fox 64, Plus indies and nostalgia gaming in eShop.
I really cant say enough about it. Its one of the best portables I have ever owned.

wonderfulmonkeyman1182d ago

Just an FYI; you don't need to shell out $300 for a Wii U.
There's refurbished ones out there for $199.

Randostar1182d ago

DO IT. Its worth it, there are seriously some of the best games i have ever played on it.

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DivineAssault 1182d ago

i originally bought this on N64 but never completed it.. Now is the perfect time to give it another go.. I am really pumped for this remake.. No more pausing to select items & viewing maps is great.. Just really disappointed that Nintendo didnt give enough people a chance at getting the CE of both the game & the NEW 3DS XL MM edition.. I work 12hr midnights & cant sit around a computer to order these things within 30 min of announcing them.. Sucks but i will still enjoy the game.. Im pumped for xenoblade on 3DS/ chronicles x Wii U too

Redinfamy1182d ago

I can't wait to play this since I missed out as a kid

Agent_00_Revan1181d ago

Me 2. I missed a lot of LoZ games when I was younger. I guess I had thought I wouldn't be in to them. Big mistake!!

But since then I've been playing through many of them. The original, Link to the Past, Ocarina, Phantom Hourglass, and a few others. So when MM 3D was announced, I knew was a perfect opportunity.

higgins781182d ago

The 'limited edition' MM 3DS XL is for me the only con as I can see regarding said release. Gold, not a particularly creative design and only released in the XL model...pure chav fodder. The more disconcerting gamer such as myself has pre-ordered the 'standard' black model. The XL for me defeats the point of it being portable, and those SNES themed buttons, pure nostalgia.