H1Z1 vs. DayZ: Which Game is Shaping Up Better?

Crave Online: "H1Z1 has just shambled out into the wild, releasing on Steam Early Access and already finding itself a large, dedicated following on Twitch as players attempt to navigate the cut-throat world of post-apocalyptic rural North America."

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jznrpg1417d ago

H1Z1 just came out , so it probably isnt very good right now. I dont trust the guy making DayZ, it has been in early access for a long time now and should be done or almost done by now. Only time will tell with H1Z1 , but inhope they get the game done in a much quicker time frame than DayZ.

ATi_Elite1417d ago

Breaking Point beats them both by 5 miles. Then Epoch which is another mod on the Arma 3 engine is next followed by Dayz.

H1z1 is garbage just like Warz