Dying Light is a Different Kind of Zombie Game. So, Why Does It Feel So Generic?

GeekParty writes: "Psychologists call it “exposure therapy.” When a patient suffers from a debilitating form of anxiety, some therapists will repeatedly expose him or her to the fear-inducing stimuli. Obviously, no one is ever in danger, so the process allows the patient to recontextualize their anxiety and extinguish the fear.

I think we’ve all been undergoing exposure therapy for zombies, thanks to the entertainment industry. They’re just not scary anymore."

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UKmilitia1357d ago

it doenst feel generic,feels like mirrors edge with zombies.

BattleTorn1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'm super glad people are liking, and sticking up for this game - I figured I was gonna have to hold a cult-like preference for it à la Dead Island.

Psychotica1357d ago

Except you don't throw your weapon away after you kill someone..

xabmol1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Now I am exited! This game was way under my radar, but now that I've seen some gameplay, thanks to your ME comment, I really want to play this.

I am a HUGE platforming fan, and the jumping in this game looks fuuhhuuuuhn!!

Also, a grappling hook?! WooHoo!

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hiredhelp1357d ago

Ive played dead island I much prefer dying light to both Dead Island 1-2.

JsonHenry1357d ago

The critics keep trying to trash this game. I guess the dev company didn't grease the right palms.

It is basically everything you loved about Dead Island, with much improved visuals and enough gameplay changes to make it feel familiar but very new at the same time. It does not feel generic in the least.

MysticStrummer1357d ago

Watching streams, it doesn't look like a different kind of zombie game. It looks like Dead Island with more zombies and a couple of added elements.

konnerbllb1357d ago

Not generic. It is it's own type of game. It doesn't feel like anything made by another developer.

MysticStrummer1357d ago

Ok I took "different kind of zombie game" as meaning something new. I see your point.

Number-Nine1357d ago

Looks exactly like Dead Island. The weapons, how you upgrade, the co op, the overall gameplay, etc...

hiredhelp1357d ago

Thats cos it was supposed to be till deep silver parted waves with techland but by then techland already started on the game.
So they had to try do things to part it from dead island best they can i prefer the free flow jumping from 1 thing to another cool blue prints doesnt feel as repetitive imporroved lighting shadows.

konnerbllb1356d ago

Basically the same developer. What I said is still true.

N81357d ago

From what I saw it looks good. That's all I need

IBeCallum11357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I was really looking forward to this game, especially after hearing David Belles involvement with the parkour. To be honest, I'm not surprised it isn't as good as it was hyped up to be. It was hyped.

KingDustero1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I have about six hours in the game. So far there is nothing seriously bad or wrong about the game. Combat is fun and engaging. Taking on a pack of zombies takes some thinking and dancing around. They can't just be mowed down like in most zombie games. The parkour works well and makes the moving around the map a lot more enjoyable. Plus at night the whole tone of the game changes. Feels almost like a completely different game.

The story actually does draw the player in. I'm not too far into the main story line, but so far it is good and very grounded/dark. On top of that the characters are entertaining. Especially the ones in the side quests.

The game is great and is a must buy imo. It is something that is actually different and is down well.

FullmetalRoyale1357d ago

I really like hanging on a ledge and looking around at the situation below me. I just like that it isn't all canned, in that you are in control all of the time, while climbing, ect.

UKmilitia1357d ago

see i dont think it was very hyped,infact i thought it looked good from watching live feeds and presentations but then when i played i thought it was better playing than watching.

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