Diablo Retrospective

Loot Ninja writes:

"With the word of Diablo III in the wind, I also began to reminisce about the days of the original Diablo back in 1997 and it goes a little something like this…

Diablo was set in the kingdom of Khanduras where the player took control of a male or female character in an ultimate battle with Diablo himself. It was the classic dungeon crawler with a top down view that allowed you to run around different randomly spawning dungeons with randomly spawning loot. Diablo was a mature game with plenty of gore and a very dark plot and feel that revolved around pure evil. You were an inhabitant of the town of Tristram and you were trying to save it from the Dark Lord by delving into its deepest and darkest dungeons to rid it of all the evils that dwelled there."

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drunkpandas3667d ago

I'm still upset that Diablo II and Starcraft no longer work on Mac's running the latest version of Leopard with NVIDIA 8600 or 8800 cards. Apple and NVIDIA pulled 256-color support with the 10.5.3 update. Boo

fiercescuba3667d ago

Diablo III might make a lot of people finally buy a new gaming rig.

drunkpandas3667d ago

I think StarCraft II will be out first and make people buy a new rig. Who knows, Diablo III could be delayed so long that whatever they buy for StarCraft II might not be good anymore...

Drekken3667d ago

I dont know how good of a pc you will actually need with D3. If its like SC2 it wont be that bad.

thor3667d ago

I just hope there's a setting if you _do_ have a decent rig to make the corpses stay put, I hated that disappearing corpse fade in the gameplay trailer :(

Tyrael3667d ago

Blizzard games aren't usually extremely graphics intensive, and because they focus more on perfecting gameplay and plot, the demands on your rig will probably be reasonable. I'd assume you could max out graphical settings with an 8800GT even when they come out in 2009/2010. Just a guess though...

drunkpandas3667d ago

True. I'm going to wait, though, until Starcraft 2 comes out before I buy or build a new gaming rig. Nothing big coming until then