Grim Fandango HD Remastered Graphical Comparison

"Check out the new graphics in Grim Fandango Remastered! What game would you like to see redone? "

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ThinkThink1416d ago

What is remastered about this? Not that it needs anything, it's a classic. But from a visual standpoint it looks the same.

Neonridr1416d ago

from what we were told the remastered was supposed to be using high resolution textures and using better lighting and shadows. But this comparison video is terrible because it looks like the same game.

Raf1k11416d ago

It does look to have better lighting. The models are the same but it seems the textures have been reworked a little to look cleaner and less pixelly while keeping the look of the original.

Having completely new textures with lots of detail that didn't originally exist could easily make it feel different so I'm not fussed. As long as it looks nice and sharp.

lemoncake1416d ago

Seems like there's some more shadows I couldn't see anything else from this video. Still great game though but like everyone else has said its not really a remaster more a port.

Canary1416d ago

Remaster =/= remake.

It's just a port, folks.

Rodney251416d ago

I've never played this or heard much about it, but it looks awesome I gotta buy this asap.

Pintheshadows1416d ago

It is one of the best adventure games ever made, You should definitely buy it. :D Everyone should buy it.

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rajman1416d ago

Very minor differences, more like a port

Software_Lover1416d ago

It's a port all day. Some good areas but the facts don't change. They made more money lol.

NiteX1416d ago

The only difference is the remastered is stretched.

1nsomniac1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I prefer the original to be fair but there's pretty much nothing in it what-so-ever. No matter which way you look at it this isn't a remaster by any stretch of the imagination it's just a port.

It's quite a naughty one at that because as said above, in the developer diaries they promised hi-res textures & lighting which appear to be none existent with the exception of the odd simple shadow here & there.

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