Guerrilla Games Could Have More than One Game in Development

Many have been wondering about Guerrilla Games’ mysterious new PS4 game, which is rumored to be an open world RPG code named “Horizon,” but the studio could have more than just that title in the pipeline.

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CloudRap968d ago

They're not even remotely done with the first so I highly doubt that.

Repjaws968d ago

I think that was a joke lol

Sevir968d ago

Clearly a joke! Lol. The internet is funny

DarkOcelet968d ago

Thats interesting, maybe Killzone 5 is in the works.

Abriael968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

Or maybe they picked up Resistance.

Or Guerrilla Cambridge is actually doing Resistance (which is still a million selling franchise from what their own ad says) and Guerrilla Games another Killzone.

PoSTedUP968d ago

or mercenary2. KZ:mercs has been the #1 DL for some time now. they could deff make a quick buck off of it considering it'll take a much smaller team with less programming and resources, and still sell well.

im hoping anyway...

SmielmaN968d ago

"Or maybe they picked up resistance"

....... :0 Mind. Blown.

darkslayer208968d ago

so fist they have release killzone 4.. shadow fall was a spin-off not n actual squeal

MrSec84968d ago

A game melding Mercenary with the core timeline and elements of KZ2/3 and Merc, made from the ground up for PS4 like Media Molecule are doing with Tearaway Unfolded.

It could still be called Killzone 4, but maybe have you playing as both Danner and Sevchenko.

KZ seems to be on a 2 year release cycle since 2 came out, so I could see Cambridge releasing this game by the end of this year.

PS4 is in need of a new exclusive FPS game and this could right many of the wrongs people see with Shadow Fall, although personally I wouldn't mind it having a similar feel to SF, though I'm one of the few that actually liked SF.

Whether it's an actual proper 4th game in the core series or merc for PS4 or a melding of the 2 or a sequel to Shadow Fall I don't mind, this is a series I'm happy for Sony to keep going, provided it keeps the gritty gameplay and overall tone I'll be happy!

DoomeDx968d ago

They have confirmed to be working on two games ever since Shadowfall got released.

Genuine-User968d ago

Yep. Guerilla Cambridge is working on a
PS4 title.

DragoonsScaleLegends968d ago

Yep Guerrilla Cambridge is working on a new MediEvil.

Genuine-User968d ago

I never got the chance to play MediEvil, is it any good?

DragoonsScaleLegends967d ago

It was a great game at the time but like most PS1 games it has aged very badly when it comes to graphics and gameplay. But it's atmosphere, soundtrack, main character, and overall premise for the story are still amazing. A remake on PS4 would really bring out what's amazing with this game. I wouldn't say go buy this classic on PS3 unless your a fan already but at least go check out this video of the intro because this is one of the best games Sony has ever made.

Genuine-User967d ago

Cool. Thanks for all the info. I Will definitely check out the intro sometime today.

ltachiUchiha968d ago

E3 this year should be very exciting.

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The story is too old to be commented.