Dying Light - Low vs High vs SweetFX Comparison Screenshots

Dying Light has just been released and below you can view some comparison screenshots between the game’s Low and High settings.

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Meltic1415d ago

Great game so far i give it a 9/10

James Vanderbeek1415d ago

what system are you playing it on? how are the graphics and gameplay?

Meltic1415d ago

playing on pc with gtx 970. Some drop frames but nothign major. Its good

starchild1415d ago

Good to hear. I have a GTX 970 too. With my gsync monitor the drops won't even be perceptible. If it's running between like 50fps and 90fps I'll be getting the benefit of all the higher framerates as well.

In any case, I've liked what I have seen of this game. The gameplay and objectives seem like fun and I really like the freerunning aspect of it. The graphics also look great.

Lon3wolf1415d ago

Think I prefer High to SweetFX personally, just seems more natural looking to me.

NiteX1415d ago

I like the sharpness you can achieve with sweetfx. It of course makes the aliasing far more noticeable though. That's not a very good preset though IMO.

Lon3wolf1415d ago

True, given time there will be some great ones for SweetFX for this.