Still no GameCube VC: Nintendo Saves the best for Remastered Editions

"Nintendo is the worst. They are the best, obviously, but they are the worst. During the last Nintendo Direct, we were promised a new service coming to the Wii U: digital Wii games. That's amazing right? While I would argue that it is, I cannot say it's what I really wanted. However, Nintendo is - and should be since they are a company - looking out for themselves and their financial future, so while digital Wii games makes financial sense, having digital GameCube games makes more sense, at least for consumers."

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eyeofcore1179d ago

Gamecube didn't have OS while Wii had OS to begin with. Nintendo managed to run needed portion of OS inside Wii U OS/Mode to run Wii games as it had hardware.

Canary1179d ago

Nintendo isn't "saving" anything. They're just not sufficiently competent to capitalize on the Virtual Console service. The only company out there actively withholding content in order to push ports is Sony.

IQUITN4G1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Gamecube games on WiiU starting with F-Zero would please many no doubt. The likelihood of Nintendo doing another F-Zero is very frustrating as is another Pilotwings and so having F-Zero gx on there at least would be something. And of course there were some very decent games that would do well I'm sure sold as digital

Moonman1179d ago

It's very odd when the Wii U is perfectly compatible with Gamecube controllers. The adapter sold like hotcakes (and they didn't even make enough). It's a head scratcher. Hopefully a E3 huge announcement with a bunch of titles.

higgins781179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I loved the Gamecube. Bought it at launch with Luigi's Mansion and Rouge Squadron II, both of which blew me away. During its lifespan I purchased numerous games for it. Many, many great games, some bona fide classics. However. I don't want to revisit old games I paid for and enjoy previously, no matter how good. Missed them on initial release because of some nearsighted belief Sony and Microsoft were better consoles? Tough. My opinion is to move forwards and upwards...something Nintendo do best.