No Man’s Sky – Infinite. Epic. Game-Changer?

No Man's Sky has been described as many things; infinite, epic, bold. But PlayStation LifeStyle posits whether the space oddity can become a game-changer.

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MysticStrummer1414d ago

Hard to say until we get our hands on it, but it potentially could be. If it does well I can see some hybrid games popping up before too long, with locations built in the traditional way and scripted events but separated by procedurally generated space or land.

jriquelme_paraguay1414d ago

This game is Destiny hype all over

Palitera1414d ago

Except it has 1% of the budget, of the marketing budget and of the people involved.
On the other side, probably 100000x the content, passion and creativity, instead of 3 big repetitive and empty levels miscalled "planets".

Dark_king1414d ago

lol bubble for that man, so funny and so true.

Palitera1414d ago

After playing it A LOT, I'd say it's good. Greed stopped it from being great.

riverstars861414d ago

I have to agree that it tends to be looking that way. Definitely excited for the game, but I'm tempering my expectations until we see more of the game.

Mega241414d ago

If you want to see more of the game, search for it on twitch. I myself am having fun with it, very fluid movements, I want to explore the whole map.

ATi_Elite1414d ago

Bravo sir finally someone else gets it. nms is Destiny hype all over again.

Hyping procedural generation as a selling point because the game play is as generic and boring as can be. We have had procedural generated games since Sega Genesis days so no big deal.

So much hype for a game that does nothing, fly around finding stuff with very little interaction with people.

Imagine grand theft auto with no people or cops and this is no man's sky.

StarCitizen is the game that is epic and the game changer but since it's a Pc Exclusive consolers get brainwashed into hating it.

uth111414d ago

it could go either way. I won't get my hopes up. I'd rather be surprised that it's great than disappointed because it didn't live up to hype.

SmokingMonkey1414d ago

Day 1.

I hope for a physical copy. I wonder, is this still considered a 'indie' game?

If so, this is the most hyped indie game (pre launch) ever!

'indie' AAA?

WeAreLegion1414d ago

For me, this is incredible. All I want to do is explore infinite worlds. That's what they're giving me with No Man's Sky.

Dark_king1414d ago

Same here, an all the details I have seen on the worlds make me really want to explore and see whats on those planets.I really am wondering what I haven't seen yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.